Taylor Swift sеcгеtly engaged to British boyfriend

Taylor Swift and British boyfriend - Joe Alwyn sеcгеtly got engaged after 5 years together.

According to The Sun, popular singer Taylor Swift accepted Joe Alwyn’s marriage proposal months ago. But the two have not yet intended to make it public to the media and the public, but only to those close to them.


Recently, a friend of Joe’s revealed to The Sun, saying: “Taylor and Joe are happy and very much in love. They have been engaged for a few months but have only revealed it to family and friends.

Taylor has a beautiful ring, but she only wears it at home. Few people know the details of the wedding and Taylor hasn’t even revealed the details of her engagement plans yet. Both want their love away from the media.”


It is known that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are always private, rarely information about their relationship. The two appeared on the red carpet together only a few times during their 5 years of dating. Meanwhile, her previous relationships with Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles and Calvin Harris are all open to the public.


Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn are said to be engaged on a secret date. Photo: N.Y

However, in the past 18 months, the singer has been more open about her boyfriend and relationship. The couple were spotted together on holiday in Newquay, Cornwall and North London. Recently, the two took a trip together to the Bahamas.

Since 2019, Taylor Swift has not toured, but spends time with her family, taking care of her mother. Joe Alwyn is also said to frequent the house of his girlfriend, Taylor also has a close relationship with members of Joe’s family.


From the moment of knowing each other, the singer has written many songs about the boy who graduated from Bristol University. Taylor Swift’s song London Boy mentions Joe Alwyn: “Boy, I like you. And now I love tea, uni and West End stories.”

Currently, there are no details about the wedding of singer Taylor Swift. At the same time, the couple has not yet confirmed their engagement.

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