Taylor Swift Short Films Eligible for Oscars 2023

Taylor Swift is currently working with a consulting firm to come up with a campaign for her short film "All Too Well" to be nominated for an Oscar.

According to a source from Hollywood Reporter, the short film that “stormed” produced by Taylor Swift called  All Too Well: The Short Film  is eligible to compete at Oscar 2023.


Specifically, this film if as selected may be on the list of nominees in the category of Best Short Film.


Also according to this source, the female singer is also discussing for her film to compete for the Oscars. Currently, the 32-year-old singer is working with a large consulting firm to come up with the most effective campaign for her short film. If Taylor Swift’s campaign is successful, it is very likely that the audience will see this film appear at the Oscars next year.


Image from the movie “All Too Well: The Short Film” directed by Taylor Swift. (Photo: Taylor Swift)

All Too Well: The Short Film  was released online on November 12, 2021. This release date makes the film ineligible for nominations for Best Picture at the Oscars, as these films are forced to release no earlier than a year before the Oscars. take place. However, the film was still eligible to run for the Best Short Film category.

Taylor Swift wrote and directed her 13-minute short film, inspired by the 10-minute version of the song of the same name, which appeared on her re-release album  Red (Taylor’s Version). The original track was released in 2012.


(Photo: Taylor Swift)

Back in November last year, Taylor Swift held a premiere exclusively for fans in New York (USA). This premiere featured the actors of the short film All Too Well, that is, Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. Immediately after its release, the film took away a lot of tears from fans when it came to the brief love story between the singer herself and her ex-lover Jake Gyllenhaal.

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