Taylor Swift: Тruе love or just looking for inspiration?

"7 Men 7 Years", Taylor Swift is not only famous for her singing and composing talent but also known for her charm.

She has been labeled “promiscuous” by the public many times when she was dating with many different male singers and actors, but no love affair lasted. And more “special”, every time they break up, Taylor Swift will compose at least one hit. These songs are loved by many fans and contribute to making her name famous.

Recently, Taylor Swift ended a 15-month long relationship with DJ Calvin Harris and paired with British actor Tom Hiddleston – the first-place candidate for the sequel to the famous 007 spy series.


The love story of the “country music princess” is always one of the topics that the press is “interested in”. In 2008, rumors surfaced that Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas – the handsome singer of the band The Jonas Brothers, were dating, although the two did not publicize anything. “He’s a great man, whoever gets to date him is lucky,” Taylor said.

By the time the album Fearless was released, the relationship between the two had come to an end, Joe Jonas said goodbye to the beautiful singer through a 27-second phone call. It seems that this broken love story has become the inspiration for her to compose two songs “Forever & Always” and “Last Kiss”.


In 2009, Taylor switched to dating the hot werewolf of the series “Twilight” (Twilight) – Taylor Lautner. The two became closer after playing a high school couple in Swift’s debut film, “Valentine’s Day”.

Not long after, they decided to go their separate ways, the singer seems to have admitted her mistake and wrote apologetic lyrics in the hit “Back To December”. Taylor Swift’s relationship with male singer John Mayer for 4 short months had a not very “smooth” ending when she wrote a song called “Dear John” about romantic people.


Immediately after the release of the 3rd album, the young star had a brief love affair with the handsome actor Jake Gyllenhaal in late 2010. Jake broke up with her by text messages after 3 months of dating. As usual, Taylor turned the breakup into inspiration to write outstanding songs and the hit “We’re Never Getting Back Together” dominated the charts for weeks.


The love affair with Conor Kennedy – grandson of former Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 2012 also lasted only 3 months. In early 2013, Taylor Swift and the famous male singer Harry Styles of One Diretion group publicly dated but ended it after only 2 months. The song “I Knew You Were Trouble” was released later. Taylor also used this relationship as inspiration for two songs “Style” and “Out Of The Woods” from her most recent album, 1989.

Currently, she is dating actor Tom Hiddleston, widely known for his role as Loki in the Marvel series “Thor: The Avengers” and “Thor: The Dark World”. This rumor arose around mid-June when photos of Taylor and Tom kissing passionately on a beach were posted on social networking sites.


“They just knew each other, hugging and kissing, even though there were about 20 people coming and going on that beach” – said one witness – “They were like every other young couple, madly in love and I don’t care about the outside world anymore.”

Taylor and Tom had a romantic and sweet afternoon together watching the sea and playing on the rocks at Misquamicut beach in Rhode Island, USA, next to this famous singer’s 11,000-foot mansion. Before that, the couple had intimate moments at the Met Gala on May 4 when sitting next to each other at dinner and dancing together to Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.

When interviewed, Tom Hiddleston described Taylor as a very “glamorous” and “wonderful” girl. A source close to the singer said: “Tom has been flirting with Taylor since they met – he sent her flowers. Taylor was captivated.” The news about the Tay – Tom couple exploded on social networks and followed with many mixed opinions from fans. Fans of this British actor are not very happy when they know that the two are dating, they are afraid that their idol will become the next “prey” in the list of “pretty boys” of the famous flirt. this.

Reviewing Taylor’s illustrious love history, the longest relationship ever was with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris (15 months).


Taylor Swift and Tom are salty at sea.

Before officially breaking up, the Taylor – Calvin couple received a lot of support from fans as well as the media. They often appeared, holding hands in front of the paparazzi camera and did not show any qualms about any false rumors about their love story.

Immediately after it was announced, this information made Taylor and Calvin fans regret for the talented couple of the world music industry. After ending her 15-month love affair with Calvin Harris, it seemed that Taylor Swift would suffer, even fans were waiting for a new song written by the female singer for the handsome DJ like lovers. before, but no. Just 2 weeks after breaking up with her boyfriend, Taylor Swift passionately embraced actor Tom Hiddleston. The source said, when Taylor and Tom first met, they were immediately attracted to each other.


But this perfect love story is making many people question whether this is a stage set up to make Tom’s name when he will most likely be nominated at the Emmys in September. with her new movie – “The Night Manager”, or is this just a way for Taylor to demonstrate how the media can be “messy” about her love life?

Amidst the mixed opinions of the public, the couple is still together. Recently, Taylor held a party to celebrate America’s Independence Day (July 4) at her beach villa, when both with friends swimming in the beach, Tom Hiddleston wore a tank top with a print on it. the words “I heart T.S” as a way to prove my love for Taylor Swift. The two even flew to the UK to meet Tom’s mother and have a good time together.

As for the former love of Calvin Harris, the fact that Taylor had a new love so quickly made him feel heartbroken. Maybe that’s why Calvin Harris decided to compose a new song with words that are said to be aimed directly at her ex Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend. This song is called “Olé” and was officially released on July 8 with the performance of vocalist John Newman.

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