Taylor Swift’s еnемy claims he tried to sell Masters back to her

Since he recently closed a huge business transaction that made him the owner of all of Taylor Swift’s masters, Scooter Braun has decided to share his side of the continuing feud that he and Taylor Swift have been engaged in for quite some time. If you’re a Swiftie, you’re already aware of the laborious steps that Taylor Swift has taken to regain custody of her masters, and you also know that, in the end, she re-recorded her early albums so that she could avoid the problem altogether.

She has been extremely outspoken about the issue, whereas Braun, the one who purchased them in 2019 and then sold them the following year, has been completely mum… until now. The music industry titan claimed in a recent interview that he did make an effort to communicate Taylor Swift’s masters to her.

In 2019, Braun’s company, Ithaca Holdings, purchased Swift’s previous record label, Big Machine Records, which resulted in the acquisition of Swift’s master recordings. That acquisition brought with it a great deal of conflict. Swift accused Braun of “bullying” her and claiming that he would not give her a real chance to buy back her masters unless she signed a “ironclad NDA.”

Before long, Braun was embroiled in the biggest internet scandal of the decade. Swift accused Braun of not giving her a real chance to buy back her masters. Braun, on the other hand, does not have the same feelings on the circumstance.

In an interview with Variety, which took place on June 23, Braun stated, “I regret [it], and it makes me unhappy that Taylor had that reaction to the contract.” Everything that took place was incredibly baffling, and none of it was founded on any facts. I am not aware of the tale that she was informed about… I asked her to join me in sitting down multiple times, but she always declined my invitation. I made her an offer to buy the catalog back and even went so far as to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but her staff turned me down. It appears that everything is going to turn out badly.”

In the end, Braun concluded that the best course of action was to sell Swift’s masters to an investment fund known as Shamrock in November of 2020. At the time, Taylor Swift issued a statement in which she reiterated the fact that she had attempted to purchase the tickets prior to their resale. In a tweet that she posted on November 16, she said, “I wanted to check in and update you all.” “As you are aware, I’ve spent the better part of the past year making concerted efforts to reclaim custody of my master recordings. My team made an effort to get into negotiations with Scooter Braun while keeping this objective in mind.

In the end, Braun was bothered by the reputation he had earned as a bully. “I have a strong aversion to the idea that anyone should ever be bullied. “I always try to lead with appreciation and understanding,” he stated. “It’s the only way to do it.”

“The one thing about that situation of which I am the most proud is that my artists and my staff stood by my side. They are aware of my integrity and my character. That had a significant impact on me. In the long run, I’m content for the work that I’ve done throughout my life to be the legacy that I leave behind.

It would appear that Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun will not be making up any time in the near future. Fans of Taylor Swift believe that the fact that she rеvеɑlеd the re-recording of her Red album on Scooter Braun’s birthday was done intentionally to aggravate him. Nevertheless, Braun reiterated that he hopes the best for the pop singer.

According to an interview he gave to Variety, “She and I had only met briefly three or four times in the past, and all of our meetings were incredibly nice and kind.” “She is an extremely talented artist, and I hope for nothing but the best for her in her career,” I said.

It’s unlikely that Taylor Swift will ever be added to the roster of amazing musicians that Braun represents, which includes the likes of Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and more, but it’s possible that she may in the future. Their argument has devolved into the age-old game of “he said, she said,” and there is no sign that it will ever be settled.