Ten Hag lost a golden chance to assert his dominance

In his early years at Manchester United, Erik Ten Hag constantly preached discipline, but what actually happened on the field indicated the opposite

The present is unquestionably the most challenging time in Erik Ten Hag’s coaching career. The Spanish tactician is attempting to save a ship with just one remaining rudder. He attempted to use the Dutch philosophy to stabilize Man Utd, but the more he tried, the more disorganized everything became, to the students’ confusion.

Man Utd is located in a state more than 200 miles to the south, which Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta refers to as “casa Pepe,” or “Pepe’s house,” a place where anyone may do anything they want.


These are the behind-the-scenes metaphors that have just been “exposed” following the official presentation of the documentary “All or Nothing: Arsenal.” When the striker disobeyed the rules, Arteta was spotted there immediately removing the captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Ten Hag permitted pandemonium to occur both in the locker room and on the field despite the fact that Manchester was a disciplined individual who adhered to the “5 golden rules” on his first day.


Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo voluntarily left a friendly game against Rayo Vallecano before it was over. That is unacceptable, the Dutch strategist himself declared.

Ten Hag had no strategy, though, about how to handle it. In the first two games, where Man Utd lost both and CR7 had “0 goals and 0 assists,” Ronaldo was still a member of the team.


Even Ten Hag made a media-friendly remark about “forgiving” Ronaldo and saying that the Portuguese striker was still part of the team’s plan.

With statements and deeds that are so contradictory, it is not surprise that Manchester United appeared to be lacking in discipline. The most glaring instance is when Scott McTominay is eager to dribble and allows Brighton to score.

Ten Hag should have been forced to push Ronaldo away or “full” down the youth team in order to demonstrate management. Man United have started the season without a goal due to their lack of discipline; none of their strikers have taken a shot (the goal against Brighton also came through the opponent’s own goal).


“Respect is determined simply by results,” as Arteta once said. What status did Ten Hag utilize to train his students given that he is a newcomer and has a poor start? Even though they lacked discipline, they continued to play frequently, especially in light of the way they regarded the elder.

Ten Hag only permitted Ronaldo to onto the field during the second part of the first game. The visual director observed CR7 grumbling on the bench. Even if the former Real Madrid player started from the outset over the weekend, Man Utd still lost. Even worse, they fell to Brentford 0–4.

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