Ten Hag penalizes Manchester United’s superstar in an unusual way

The Portuguese striker was constantly rude to the Dutch teacher and expressed his dissatisfaction with him and Ten Hag did not fit either, the 52-year-old strategist immediately had a penalty for Cr7

What Ten Hag is doing now at MU is a revolution; first, the former Ajax captain established an extremely strict set of rules, and then he liquidated a number of stars who were no longer in the position. in the team plan, while also making efforts to bring in rookies to complete the framework for Man Utd in the upcoming season.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United’s star, is said to have been critical of coach Erik Ten Hag from the start.


MU currently has three rookies on its roster: Tyrell Malacia, Eriksen, and Lisandro Martinez. However, the “Red Devils” were still empty-handed after the first two rounds, despite being ranked 20th in the English Premier League. The results on the field were poor, but behind the scenes, the players were dissatisfied with the 52-year-old strategist’s tactics, which drew the ire of none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.


CR7 had heated arguments with Ten Hag about the style of football he was employing, claiming that at the age of 37, Ronaldo could not and did not fit the way of pressing that Ten Hag was employing, an opinion shared by many other players. Ten Hag regards Ronaldo as the “black sheep” of the team.

The Dutch coach took a form of punishment for CR7 without hesitation. Ronaldo was punished for ‘running around the field’ during a training session, according to CBS Sports. It should be noted that Ronaldo and Ten Hag had a heated argument before the game because the MU captain made him run too much. However, this behavior by Manchester United’s new captain is deemed unnecessary and jeopardizes the team’s peace.


Ronaldo’s future remains highly uncertain at the moment. Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, was said to be encouraging him to leave Old Trafford’s ‘hell’ after he had received numerous offers but had been repeatedly rejected by big teams. entice Borussia Dortmund to make a bid before the summer transfer window closes on September 1.

Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, is currently urging Borussia Dortmund to make an offer before the summer transfer window closes on September 1. Previously, there were rumors that big clubs like Chelsea, Bayern Munich, or even smaller clubs like Sporting Lisbon and Atletico Madrid had approached Ronaldo. However, no agreement was reached.


Dortmund added rookie Sebastien Haller to the squad after Erling Haaland left. However, due to health issues, they are still unable to secure the services of the former West Ham player. As a result, they will consider the plan to recruit Ronaldo.

If the parties’ negotiations go well, the 37-year-old striker will embark on a new chapter in his career, as the Bundesliga is a league he has never visited.


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