Ten Hag stops the team from taking a Sunday break and forces them to run more than 13 kilometers

Following the loss to Brentford on Sunday, MU players were led to the practice field


In the second round of the Premier League, MU was defeated 0–4 by Brentford, and after two straight losses, MU fell to the bottom of the standings for the first time in thirty years. Erik Ten Hag, the coach, was furious after the game because of the team’s quick defeat in the first half and he bluntly stated that more players were needed to improve the team’s performance.


Ten Hag started punishing his students at this point to help them see why such failures were so difficult to accept. Paul Hirst of The Times reports that following the game, Ten Hag proclaimed Sunday not to be a day off and pulled all of the players to the regular practice area. Not only that, but this team also provided Ten Hag with a video review of the entire game so he could point out each mistake to the pupils one at a time.


It is well known that Ten Hag himself did not get much sleep following the defeat. After the game, the entire team returned to Manchester, and Ten Hag spent the majority of Saturday night working with his teammates to prepare an analysis film before having to draw the line. Make those errors the following day. Like the kids, he does not have a Sunday to relax, but he still has good reason to be angry.


Additionally, Ten Hag instructed the MU players to practice jogging during Sunday morning practice. He displayed to them the runners’ statistics from the most recent game between Brentford and MU, which was 13.8 kilometers away. Therefore, the MU athletes were compelled to run 13.8km after a video conference and score evaluation.

The source claimed that the club’s medical staff intervened and advised Ten Hag not to since running so much during the warmest time of the year could result in catastrophic injury. tell. After a while, Ten Hag came around to that viewpoint and stopped urging the players to run, while they were still required to train in accordance with the regular lesson plan.


The public is accountable for the loss, but the response on social media and in the press indicates that attitudes toward Ten Hag’s treatment of MU players are favorable. Although this squad has had numerous generations of managers, the players are still viewed as being too slothful and performing below the level expected given their hefty salaries.

Ten Hag is included in the top group of coaches in the Premier League’s classification of those most likely to lose their jobs.

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