Ten Hag was the cause of the MU’s initial internal conflict

After the team's historically poor start in the Premier League last time, the atmosphere inside Man Utd's dressing room is more intense than ever

When MU lose both of its opening games and is at the bottom of the standings for the first time in 30 years, it is going through its worst stretch of the Premier League era. The team’s disastrous start not only let down all of the fans, but it also generated strife inside the locker room.

Conflicts have developed since the initial loss to Brighton in the first round, according to The Manchester Evening News, which cited sources close to a number of Red Devils players. As a result, this source disclosed that there had been tense disagreements in Carrington’s main dressing room.


After MU’s poor start, when they lost to Brighton in the first round at Old Trafford, the Erik ten Hag coaching staff’s pupils argued and laid blame on one another. The team’s overall morale was undoubtedly impacted by the internal strife, and the distractions caused them to lose badly to Brentford in the second round.

The Times, however, claims that MU’s internal conflicts actually existed before the Red Devils started their new campaign. Particularly, some well-known MU players don’t quite support Erik Ten Hag’s selection of Harry Maguire as captain. Every time the brother defender is begun, they have doubts about his skills and how he will play on the field.


The problem was further complicated by Ronaldo, the club’s top player, who was continuously requested to leave. After losing to Brentford, CR7 was roundly chastised for disappearing into the tunnel without saying hello to the crowd.

It is well known that the 37-year-old striker lost patience with his teammates because he was getting too bored with the way things were going at Old Trafford. The Athletic claims that because of the rising tensions, Ronaldo has been eating lunch at MU’s canteen by himself exclusively lately.


The tension that permeates the team and shows no signs of letting up will undoubtedly continue to have an impact on the players’ morale. Given their current form, it seems possible that Ten Hag’s instructors and students will suffer yet another dismal loss in the third round when they must host Liverpool, a team with a lot of strength.


Man Utd experiences disappointment as a result of the Brentford sublimation. Erik ten Hag, a teacher and student, finished last in the Premier League after the second round with a goal differential of -5. Man Utd will host Liverpool this weekend. The general public is worried that the Red Devils will suffer a significant loss against their formidable foe.

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