Tesla’s First Commercial in Ages Has a Song Made by Musk

As some of you may be aware, Tesla Motors does not make commercials for its vehicles.

Just like other things that Tesla does, the spot is a bit unconventional, but not completely so. Instead of showing cars being driven on the road, people with cars, or anything involving people and cars, Tesla’s commercial shows just four vehicles in an enclosed space that resembles a warehouse with a couple of enclosed offices.


As if there was a silent disco party waiting to happen, there is someone who appears to direct the beginning of the show, and then the lights go out. The four Tesla Model Ys begin a coordinated light show, as we have seen time and time again. However, they are not playing the usual party music, but something different.


Do not worry, you do not need to open Shazam to find out what song is this, because we have you covered. As you can read on the walls, the neon-light signs say, “Don’t Doubt Your Vibe,” and that is what the lyrics are singing, as well.


Fortunately for everyone, some of us have an exceptional memory, and we can say that this is an Elon Musk song from 2020. You can listen to it in full right here.


Who knows, maybe the entire clip is also Elon’s idea, from start to finish, which would explain some unusual creative decisions in the process. We are not experts in commercials, but we have seen a few, which is why we can say that there were some unusual things here. Starting with music made by the CEO of the brand, for instance.


With that out of the way, it is time for the unconventional part of this commercial. The video does not mention the company’s name, the products it sells, its website, or anything else. You just see a hologram of the Tesla logo at the end, and that is it.

Usually, in commercials, advertisers struggle to be sure that the people watching them know the name of the product, the name of the brand, as well as at least one distinguishing feature.

Well, not here, because the video was posted on Tesla’s official channels, and it will probably never be aired on TV except as an example of what Tesla is doing lately.

In case you were wondering why Tesla does not pay for ads, their long waiting lists for a new vehicle might have something to do with the unofficial policy. Why advertise something that is essentially sold-out until next year or so, and people learn about it online, with no cost to you, the company? Remember, kids, it’s not stupid if it works.

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