That time Jungkook actively tried to put ‘Jin treasure’ up on auction floor

BTS’s International Handsome A treasured national treasure, Jin…

However, Jungkook continued to attempt to “sell” him despite this.

BTS filled several pages at the 2017 FESTA with enjoyable activities for ARMYs.

On one of the pages, “let’s not sell each other (out)” was written, as in “let’s not put someone out there by pushing them to do things”. “Why would you sell someone else?” RM asked jokingly. “Why exactly?” 

When Jin glanced over Jungkook’s page, he noticed that the Golden Maknae had scribbled “Jin hyung” there. Everyone started giggling at once.

Jin hyung is now available on the auction!” RM announced.

Naturally, Jin and the others were curious as to why Jungkook was trying to sell them. Sadly, they didn’t receive a response!

He really sells anyone and everyone,” Jimin joked.

So, where will the bidding begin?