The 70-year-old millionaire asked the Glazers for their agreement to buy Manchester United

British tycoon Michael Knighton, a former MU big boss with a fortune of up to $7 billion, wants to take over ownership of the Old Trafford team from the Glazer family

Michael Knighton, a former MU director, has just confirmed his intention to purchase this club from the Glazer family. Notably, in 1989, the 70-year-old British businessman Knighton almost bought the “Red Devils.” The tycoon hopes to put an end to the Glazers’ 17-year reign in the “Theater of the Great Dream.”


Knighton stated in an interview with Man Utd The Religion: “MU is in trouble, and we all know why. Everyone understands that we require a new owner and why. That is my ambition. I’m still talking to people, and I have good commitments and finances.”

“Fans all over the world have had enough of this regime. Under its current ownership, the club is in crisis and will remain so.”


Michael Knighton, the British billionaire with a fortune of $7 billion USD, has reiterated his desire to take over MU from the American Glazer family: “We must get rid of the current owners because time is running out. And after 17 years of disappointment, it’s time for them to go.”

“They must stop taking large dividends from the club. We must stop paying these massive debts. It’s time for them to get rid of this team.”

Ten Hag reacted unexpectedly on the Manchester United training ground after losing to Brighton.

Erik Ten Hag reacted to Manchester United players following their disappointing loss to Brighton

When Manchester United hosts Brighton at Old Trafford on the first day of the Premier League season 2022/23, the Red Devils are expected to win to get off to a good start under new coach Erik Ten Hag.

However, things did not go as planned for the Red Devils, who were defeated 1-2 by “Seagull.” Pascal Gross scored twice to help teachers and coach Graham Potter win all three points at Old Trafford.


Coach Erik Ten Hag made a decision with the entire team during the last training session after witnessing the players’ disappointing performance.


According to a source from The Sun site quoted by The Mirror, instead of scolding and using harsh words with Man United players, the Dutch captain took a gentle approach, calling on everyone to quickly forget the defeat and focus on the upcoming matches.

Coach Erik Ten Hag’s soft move surprised fans because he was known as a strict strategist, and fans expected the former Ajax strategist to “dry the hair” of the players on the training ground. Finally, the manager of Manchester United took a decision that went against popular opinion.


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