‘The Astronaut’ is the fastest solo song by a Korean artist with ‘amazing’ units sold in the USA

The highest debut for a K-pop solo song this decade was achieved by “The Astronaut,” which made its Hot 100 chart debut a week ago at position #51. (since PSY in 2013). Additionally, it had the highest debuting sales for a K-pop soloist on the Billboard 200. A new record was set with 62,000 sales of the song.

Atypically for Korean soloists’ releases, Jin is still charting on the Billboard charts for the second week in the world’s largest music market. On the Billboard World Digital Songs Sales chart, he continues to be at the top.

In Korea, Jin sold more than 700,000 albums in a single day. For a single album, he had the highest first-week sales. The lack of professionalism displayed by Hybe with regard to the shipping dates of Jin’s album has drawn criticism from many fans. Only on November 6 did it reach the Japanese audience, who continued to sell out the replenished albums across the board during the first week of no shipment at all. Shipping to the USA and Europe won’t begin until December 2, which is highly unprofessional. If the shipping wasn’t delayed, Jin may reach a million-seller status in a single day. Hybe is under fire for this inconvenience. Additionally, some retailers claim that Hybe sent them fewer albums than they needed and did not print enough albums.

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Jin also leads in digital sales in addition to physical sales. He had the most launch sales, as was already said. The Astronaut, a song by a Korean musician, sold 100,000 records in the USA in record time on November 16! In just 19 days, he succeeded. The accomplishments of Jin were also highlighted on Korean TV News. According to reports, the musician’s debut single showed off his iūĚöósane¬†success as a solo superstar.

Jin (BTS) launches photo book project before enlistment

BTS¬†‘s management company Bighit Music¬†has announced Jin’s personal photo book project.¬†Accordingly, this photo book will be released next month, before Jin officially enlists and begins his 2 years of military service.

Specifically, Jin’s photo book this time is titled¬† Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčJIN Island.¬† This is part of the group’s¬† Special 8 Photo-Folio ¬†project , which was launched in September to show the individuality and new side of each member of the group from a personal perspective.¬†Before Jin, the other 3 members Jungkook, RM and Jimin published their solo photo book.

“Jin has expressed various emotions that the audience can feel in this book by using 3 concepts: captain, pirate, and fisherman,” Bighit informed fans about the concept of the picture. pictures in this book.

An image was –≥–Ķv–Ķ–įled¬†in Jin’s new photo book (BTS).¬†(Photo: Bighit Music)

Last month, BTS’ “oldest brother” announced his decision to perform his military service, which is also a statement aimed at ending the controversy over whether BTS should be exempted from military service because of unscrupulous contributions. usually of the group in the field of art or not. A few days ago, the 29-year-old male idol also confirmed that he would enlist in the army in December. However, the company remained silent and did not –≥–Ķv–Ķ–įl¬†the exact date and location of Jin’s enlistment.

In Korea, all healthy and fit ÔĹćen¬†are required to do mandatory military service for two years.¬†After Jin, the remaining members of BTS will also perform their duties in turn when they reach this mandatory age.