The ᴅιsᴇᴀsᴇ makes Taylor Swift feel inferior

Impostor syndrome makes Taylor Swift always carry with her fear and feel unworthy of the success she has achieved.

According to  Daily Mail, on June 13, during the premiere of the short film  All Too Well: The Short Film, within the framework of the Tribeca Film Festival, Taylor Swift first revealed that she had Imposter Syndrome (rough translation: Impostor) name).

People with Imposter Syndrome often feel that they do not deserve their success, and fear that others will “find out” that they are not that talented.


Talking to director Mike Mills, Swift said: “I’m always in a state of curiosity, trying to find, learn and try to absorb as much as I can. I started to participate in MV editing and I liked it. I’m interested in directing. That sometimes makes me feel like I don’t have depth.”


Taylor Swift is the director of the short film  All Too Well: The Short Film. Photo:  Daily Mail.

After making the first MVs by herself 10 years ago, Swift thought she was too weak, she began to delve into research and change to improve.

“For someone with imposter syndrome, there’s always a voice in the head saying, ‘No, you can’t. Only other people can do this job well and only they are qualified to direct others’. “, shared hit owner  Blank Space .

Even after successfully directing the documentary  Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions (2020) and most recently  All Too Well: The Short Film, Swift still thinks she has not really succeeded.

According to Daily Mail, Swift is trying to assert herself as a director. After documentaries and short films, feature-length films will be the next goal of the female singer.

“It would be great to be able to write and direct a feature film. In terms of scale, I don’t feel like it’s bigger. I like making intimate films with a relatively small crew. It’s a group of people working together. and have a firm belief,” Swift expressed.


Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts from New York University on May 19. Photo:  Page Six.

The singer added that being a director was like playing a “secret agent” because she was completely behind the camera, no one knew what she was doing. With Swift, this is an incredibly cool experience.

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