5 special details about Princess Diana rеvҽalеd by today’s hоttеst documentary

The documentary shared some hidden corners behind the life of the late Princess Diana.

This August for many fans around the world is an unforgettable milestone. On August 31, 25 years ago,  Princess Diana , immortal legend in the hearts of the public, died suddenly at the age of 36 after a tragic traffic accident.

The stories of joy and sorrow, happiness and suffering about the life of the late Princess are still an endless source of topics for the fields of books, television, movies or musicals.

On August 13, a new HBO documentary titled “The Princess” once again uses archival video and audio to talk about the life of the late Princess Diana. Using realistic footage and perspectives from people close to the late princess make this new documentary more interesting than ever.


There are 5 particular details in the documentary highlighted by the media that reveal the hidden corner behind England’s great rose:

1. The paparazzi’s frantic stalking

When it was announced that Lady Diana would be engaged to Prince Charles, all attention was focused on the 19-year-old preschool teacher with a reserved personality. In the first footage of the film, Diana was stalked by paparazzi on the street as she was trying to get home.

Before the wedding was held, the issue of Princess Diana’s weight also became a topic of discussion in the media. One commentator said that, before the wedding, the worst from the public was thrown at Diana. Many people hope that things will be “easier” when Diana officially becomes part of the royal family.

Unfortunately for Diana, that never happened to her.


2. Diana and Charles knew very little about each other before getting engaged

During an engagement interview in 1981, Prince Charles and Diana were asked what they had in common? Both wryly said that the couple has a sense of humor and a love for outdoor activities.

The Prince of England and his fiancee Diana had only been dating for 6 months before getting engaged. Therefore, they know very little about each other. In the engagement interview, Prince Charles also had a saying that made Diana very sad. 

The late princess once shared about that unhappy memory: ” We had an interview on the day of the engagement announcement. A journalist asked: ‘Do you two love each other?’. 

I replied, ‘Of course I do’, but Charles said, ‘What does love mean, whatever’. I was so surprised when I heard that. A strange answer. It hurt me for a long time .”


3. Prince Charles is not happy to be overshadowed by his wife

There is no denying that Princess Diana has created a special attraction for the royal family. The film shared a moment during the couple’s trip to Australia that clearly shows how Princess Diana attracts huge crowds.

In another scene, Prince Charles once admitted that it is always convenient to accompany Princess Diana on trips because it meets the needs of the crowd wanting to meet the royal bride.

One commentator said in the documentary: ” Prince Charles knows that the Duchess is the person the public wants to meet. He’s just the person behind the scenes .”


4. Relationship with Princess Anne

The Queen’s only daughter has surprised the public with her somewhat cold answer about Princess Diana giving birth to Prince William.

Specifically during a trip to New Mexico, Princess Anne was asked if she knew about her sister-in-law giving birth to a baby? Princess Anne replied frankly: ” I didn’t know Diana had a baby. You told me I knew “.

When Princess Diana was still a royal bride, many sources believe that there was a long-term “competition” between her and Princess Anne because the Queen’s daughter used to occupy the exclusive female position in the family before Diana. appear.


5. Princess Diana is always under scrutiny

Although she is a fashion icon and immortal legend of many fans, in fact Princess Diana is often criticized by the media and the public for her appearance and personal and private activities.

The HBO documentary has shared footage of Princess Diana trying to shield her two sons from the paparazzi as they pick them up from school. Princess Diana was once questioned about her ability to raise children. Newspapers have also dissected her eating disorder and even how she does charity.

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