The Evangelical Church that Roberto Firmino and his wife started has appointed him as pastor ⛪️🙏.

The Evangelical Church that Roberto Firmino and his wife started has appointed him as pastor ⛪️🙏.







In his hometown of Maceio, Brazil, the former Liverpool attacker has inaugurated a chapel 🇧🇷.

Roberto Firmino steps down from his professional career to become an ordained preacher

Roberto Firmino, a highly regarded Brazilian footballer and former striker for Liverpool, has followed a new vocation in Brazil, where he and his wife Larissa Pereira are pastors.

As Firmino takes his impact off the football pitch and into the spiritual realm, it is a watershed moment in his life.

The Manah Church, which the couple helped found in Maceio three years ago alongside pastors Jairo Fernandes and Keila Medeiros, has just had its pastors ordained.Firmino posted pictures of the ordination ceremony, which represented a turning point in his life, to Instagram so that his fans may participate in the joy of the event. What an extraordinary and wonderful evening. The church was established in God’s heart, and the privilege of seeing the Lord’s works firsthand is an immense blessing, Firmino wrote.

When asked about his spiritual awakening, Firmino said that meeting Christ sparked a deep want to share God’s love with the world. A yearning has been burning in our hearts ever since we met Christ. Share the good news of the love that has come to us. Being pastors who are “after God’s heart” and who “cooperate with the kingdom” is now another desire and duty, he said.

With Liverpооl, Firminо eаrned а slew оf trоphies оver his stellаr cаreer аs а fооtbаller. These include the Premier Leаgue, Chаmpiоns Leаgue, Fа Cup, Cаrаbао Cup, Super Cup, аnd Club Wоrld Cup, аmоng mаny mоre.

Firmino has not left professional football even though he is a priest. He signed a two-year deal with Al-Ahli, a team in the Saudi Arabian Premier League, last year. Firmino, who is 32 years old and has a rare combination of athletic and spiritual leadership, is resolute in his goal to keep playing football and fulfill his pastoral responsibilities.