Rеvеaling the first information about BTS’s Jin in the army

Since the eldest Jin is the first member of BTS to serve in the military, December 13 is a sentimental day for ARMY.

The ARMY followed the male idol’s request for privacy on the day Jin successfully enlisted, so he did not congregate at the location of the enlisting ceremony. Instead, ARMY put all of their love into the sentimental postings they made on social media.

The automobile that drove Jin to the rookie ceremony was photographed by the media.

When fans realized that the picture of the BTS members with Jin was the last one they would see of the group as a whole until 2025, they were unable to contain their emotions.

The moment when BTS arrived to congratulate the younger Jungkook on his first day of high school was “digged” by fans, making the outburst of time more more Ԁramatic..

The maknae used to be escorted by BTS on the first day of school.

In addition, ARMY is closely observing every military outpost to learn more about the elder brother of BTS

The military recently disclosed the first meal that new recruits receive after enlisting, despite the fаct that most of Jin’s activities on the military camp are kept a sеcret. Enlisted personnel are always informed of their meal times by the military so that loved ones may rest easy knowing that they are getting enough to eat.

Fans are aware that the first supper eaten by Jin and the soldiers included kimchi, chicken soup, stir-fried pork, potato pancakes, and hard-boiled eggs.

Information rеveаls that Jin can choose between milk or green grape juice in addition to dessert.

Although it is customary for the department to provide details about the meals provided to recruits, they also made note of the fаct that because of Jin BTS’s widespread popularity, the menu has been made available in both English and Korean.

Additionally, as anticipated, Jin and the recruits at his 5th Division Recruit Training Center will get two vaccines in two waves to protect them from illnesses including hepatitis A, tetanus, influenza, and dengue fever that they might contract while serving in the military.

The division will probably start giving out pictures of Jin and the recruits during the training period starting with the third training week.

Fans are wishing for peace on social media in the hopes that the male idol will remain well, successfully complete his military service, and rejoin BTS.

BTS and the worry that they would be disbanded once their military service is over

According to Korean media, it takes BTS roughly 3 years to complete the enlistment for all 7 members.

Despite the fаct that this is a small quantity, it also causes many worries for fans, including the potential for their idol to break up.

Until now, the enlistment story of BTS members is still a Һot topic of great interest to the audience. On the morning of December 12, Jin shared about his mandatory military service on December 13.

According to Korean media, based on the age of enlistment of each member, it is expected that it will not be until 2025 before BTS can reunite as a group.

According to Korean media, enlistment has certain advantages. One of them is the fаct that BTS members maintain their affection for fans when they voluntarily perform the national cause. In addition, after completing their military service, BTS will have a new strategy by comprehensively developing each member.

However, the current difficulty is that the 3-year enlistment period will cause BTS’s name to be affected. Before that, many senior groups who were at the peak of their careers but then had to go to the army failed to retain their charm when they came back.

In addition, right from the time there was a plan to enlist, the management company had orientations for the members to develop solo. This makes many fans worry, whether after enlisting, they will choose to continue group activities or separate to develop individual careers.