The future is uncertain, Ronaldo is about to reunite with great teammate at Al Nassr

The effects that Ronaldo brought when he joined Al-Nassr is undisputed. Not only the professional elements on the pitch, the Portuguese superstar also helps his fans as well as those who love to watch football around the world know this football club in the Middle East.

Ronaldo has created positive effects since coming to Al Nassr

It is these things that have become the premise for Al-Nassr to be more active in the market to look for quality names for the squad.

This time, the player that Al-Nassr is paying attention to is central defender Sergio Ramos – who is on the payroll of PSG and has officially retired from international football in the national team. At the present time, Ramos’ contract with the Park team of the Princes has not come to a final decision in the context of the expiration of the previous signed term. This makes Ramos feel very uncertain about his future at the French team.

Al-Nassr is interested in signing Ramos.

Realizing that, Al-Nassr quickly approached this “super central defender” to entice him to play in the Middle East and become Ronaldo’s teammate. If this scenario becomes a reality, the team that is ranked 2nd in the Saudi Pro League will surely bring great attraction to football fans around the world because Ramos is an illustrious central defender with a world-class goal. number of collective trophies achieved while playing for Real Madrid.

Ramos has won many titles with Ronaldo while playing at Real Madrid.

In particular, the contract between this midfielder and PSG will officially expire in June 2023 and if the French team has no intention of extending it, Al-Nassr absolutely does not lose any transfer money to be able to do so. bring him back to play in the Saudi Pro League.

Just a good contract, accompanied by a salary that meets the requirements of Ramos, Al-Nassr will definitely own a loyal bodyguard of the Spanish Royal Family.

Although it may not be as influential as Ronaldo, the arrival of Ramos will certainly help raise Al-Nassr’s defense, helping this club to be more successful in continental tournaments.

The reason why Marcelo refused to go to Al-Nassr with Ronaldo

Real Madrid legend Marcelo turned down the chance to reunite with his former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Nassr.

The main reason is because the Saudi Pro League club can only complete his signing in June. Another reason why Marcelo cannot go to Al-Nassr with Ronaldo is because the club will have to eliminate a foreign player to make room for the Brazilian left-back in their squad.

Recently, Marcelo returned to his former club, Fluminense, as a free agent. His contract with Greek club Olympiakos was recently terminated due to fitness problems.

Marcelo once had the opportunity to go to Asia with Ronaldo.

According to CNN Portugal reporter Bruno Andrade, Marcelo has decided to move to Fluminense because the move to the Brazilian club was easier for him.

Andrade tweeted: “Due to Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo had a chat with Al Nassr, however, they can only resume work on signings in June, and still have to release a foreign position in the game. team. Fluminense proved stronger in this deal, convincing and faster.”