The Hoттesт Female Idol In December: 3 BlackPink Members Are In The Top 10

On December 18, the Korean Business Research Institute has just announced the monthly brand reputation rankings for girl group members.

Accordingly, the rankings are determined through audience choice, media coverage, community popularity… of 579 girl group members, using data. collected from November 18 to December 18.

As a result, BlackPink’s Jennie continues to hold on to the top of this month’s list with a brand reputation index of 4,500,197, marking a 52.50% increase in score since November.

High-ranking phrases in Jennie’s keyword analysis include “concert,” “Chanel,” and “Instagram,” while the highest-ranking related terms include “new,” “cool,” and “instagram.” soul” and “lovely”. Jennie’s positive score accounted for 86.87% in the month.

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ Minji rose to second place with a brand reputation index of 4,267,230, marking a 78.47% increase in score since last month.

BlackPink’s Jisoo maintained her spot at 3rd with a brand reputation index of 3,049,648, marking a 20.18% increase in score since November.

While NewJeans’ Hanni and Danielle made the top five for December at number four and five, respectively.

The remaining 5 female idols named in the top 10 of this month’s most popular list are BlackPink’s Rosé, NewJeans’ Haerin, Red Velvet’s Joy, BlackPink’s Lisa and TWICE’s Nayeon.

Blackpink’s Hectic Schedule Makes Fans Sᴜrρrιsed Because It’s Tiring Just Looking At It

BLACKPINK is now occupied with their personal activities in addition to the “BORN PINK” globe tour dates in significant cities around Europe, including two shows in Paris (France).

Nevertheless, despite the hectic touring schedule, Jennie always arrived at each location in a faultless manner and on time. The lead rapper was seen on September 12th sporting a distinctive white clothing with a ladylike aura.

Notably, the idol also had a performance scheduled for the second night of the “BORN PINK” event in Paris, which required her to return quickly for the BLACKPINK evening show.

Similarly, during BLACKPINK’s North American tour, Rosé attended the “Lacma Art + Film Gala” in Los Angeles and showed up to the “BORN PINK” concert in Hamilton, Canada the next day without breaking a sweat, sҺσckiпg the audience since the distance was not at all short.

Jisoo attended the WJSN performance in Korea on June 14, 2022, to support her closest friend Bona. The singer was in Spain the very following day nevertheless. There was no disclosure of the itinerary, and there were no public images from the airport.

On another occasion, Jisoo was the only person named in any press accounts of his journey to Japan to attend a Cartier event. Lisa was unexpectedly seen traveling with her when she went back to Korea, sҺσckiпg both her supporters and the media.