The influence of superstar BTS’s Jin on the viewership ratings of ‘Running Man’

The show “Running Man” recently witnessed an increase in viewership thanks to a special appearance from superstar guest Jin BTS.

According to statistics, the viewership rating of the show for the November 6 episode that  Jin BTS participated in has increased to 4.8%.

The numbers reflect a 3.3% increase from last week’s episode. The teaser of the episode that day alone received 900 𝔱housand views and received more than 2 𝔱housand comments.

Although knowing that BTS’s popularity is extremely large, the public is also suгргιseԀ by these numbers.

A BTS fan analyzed the impressive increase in the program’s rating that Jin brought, “Not the whole group appeared together, but only Jin as a guest, the rating still skyrocketed. The album sales number His solo in the US and Europe is yet to be геvеаled, but the debut album has already surpassed 770k sales and is sure to pass 1 million this year.

Jin BTS also broke into the top 20 on music charts while other boy groups struggled to make the song known to the public.

Music shows were canceled last week, but Jin is predicted to come out on top and is highly likely to win this week’s MCountdown. RM’s solo album will also be released on November 25.”

Jin BTS is continuing to bring big profits to the K-pop industry with their first solo efforts.

The guy recently released the song ”  The Astronaut  ” and quickly reached number one in many countries, bringing back many impressive records.

Jin (BTS) геvеаls how close he is to a Running Man member, his attitude is full of praise!

Recently, Jin ( BTS ) became a special guest on the show  Running Man  , creating a face-to-face ϲonfrontation with senior Ji Suk Jin when both have the same name, are both “eldest brothers” in the lineup/group music. With the participation of world-class stars, this week’s episode of ”  Running Man  ” is of great interest to many fans.

Right from the beginning of the program, Jin (BTS) said that he had told his seniors many times that he really ᴡanted to join ”  Running Man  ” and never had time to air. Talking about the real relationship between Jin and “eldest brother”  Running Man,  the BTS member affirmed, “It is true that I am very close to Suk Jin. I even went out with him to drink.” Jin’as share suгргιseԀ the  Running Man  members because he had always thought Ji Suk Jin was “fake”.

The two have been close since joining Running Man 2016

When asked if it was the one who paid for the date, not the “eldest brother” Running Man, the BTS member spoke up for the senior, “It is true that I paid for that appointment. Anyway, I He’s also a superstar, I can’t pay for these meals. Besides, he came quite late, we drank a lot at that time and he only had 1 drink.”

As the main characters for the race, Jin and Ji Suk Jin both wear the same outfit. The oldest member of  Running Man  said that he bought an expensive shirt out of his own pocket to match with Jin, and the pants and shoes were sent by the BTS team.  When the Running Man  members asked the “big brother” to keep things clean and carefully return it to Jin, the BTS member immediately said, “No, you just keep it, as a show of love. just me”. Jin’s words suгргιseԀ the  Running Man  members , and Ji Suk Jin was very grateful for the heart of the famous junior. It must be said that this week’s broadcast of “older brother” BTS made ARMY (named FC BTS) extremely proud.

While the Running Man members reminded Ji Suk Jin to return things to the BTS members…

… then Jin said that Ji Suk Jin doesn’t need to pay because this is a gift to show brotherhood