The latest action by Casemiro might upset Madristas

Casemiro hasn't disqualified a transfer to the Premier League's giants.

It is evident that Casemiro will only leave Real Madrid if the club and the player are persuaded that it is the wisest course of action for both sides after Manchester United’s interest in him was disclosed on Tuesday.

Because there is a significant financial stake, Casemiro is taking his time to explore his options before making a choice.


Real Madrid’s perspective on the potential Casemiro transfer to Manchester United


Little can be said about the Brazilian midfielder in terms of quality. He is a performer who is dependable, faithful, and loyal.

Nobody questions Casemiro’s accomplishments. He is adored by Carlo Ancelotti, the team, and the locker room, but the transfer window is just another aspect of football, and the offer has come at the perfect time to at least be considered.

There are some questions regarding his ability to perform at his best right now and whether the deal is the best one for Casemiro and Real Madrid.


Although it’s unclear if Aurelien Tchouameni is already prepared to take the place of the Brazil international, Los Blancos have acquired his services.

There’s a chance Casemiro will leave Real Madrid

Casemiro hasn’t ruled out the possibility of leaving. He is closely observing everything that is happening at Manchester United and analyzing if the English team will be able to quickly regain their former glory.

He will need to think about how the Champions League will not be played this year and what it would mean to not participate in a league that is an integral part of his life.


But he is aware that the Real Madrid supporters, the manager, the team, and his teammates are behind him in this endeavor.

In recent months, Casemiro has been contacted by numerous teams, all of which are less intriguing than Manchester United. This time, it will include a large financial offer that would be challenging to decline.

Casemiro is not your usual athlete who only cares about football and ignores everything else because he is involved in other business ventures.

It is true that he lives in Madrid, yet he has interests outside of the city and occasionally declines new experiences. He is, of course, loved at Real Madrid, and that is important.

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