The military insists asking ARMYs not to send letter to BTS’s Jin is fabrication

The military officials in South Korea told the media on December 14 that certain claims from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were “fake” and that the information was being spread. BTS supporters were recently urged by the 5th Division Recruit Trainer to refrain from writing to and giving presents to Jin.

Image of Jin BTS in the enlistment ceremony for rookies

“There is some news circulating in some media that the army has officially made this request, but this is not true,” the military authorities said.

An online гᴜмог that the 5th Division was now at The Camp caused an issue. Additionally, a suгргιse statement with the following text was published at the moment of Jin BTS’ enlistment: “If too many messages are sent at once, the server will be down and other rookies will not be able to check their mail. . Please never send handwritten letters or parcels again.”

The elder brother of BTS’s enlisting has garnered a lot of media attention.

Fans of BTS have expressed interest in the position, and some media outlets have claimed that this is the military’s official position

ARMYs swiftly expressed their outrage, claiming that it was illеgal to request that letters and packages not be sent to enlisted rookies.

Immediately after the military denied it, the person who first posted the controversial content also provided an explanation in a phone call with a reporter: “I am not a military official. I did not receive a major request. any form from the unit”.

This person, who has worked as a community manager since 2018, quickly issued an apology to the public: “I apologize that my post with no ill intentions led to an unwanted misunderstanding. “.

This person also explained: “This post has nothing to do with the military government or the official position of The Camp. There will be no problem causing the system to stop working due to overload due to too many messages.” .

In addition, The Camp said, “The Camp is currently preparing to operate an artist-only campsite. We plan to provide a separate service for fans of famous soldiers who will be enlisting in the future. future, including Jin BTS. The personal mailbox concept will provide a better communication channel for fans.”

Jin was sent by BTS to enlist

Jin, the group’s “elder brother,” formally reports for military service today after much debate over whether to delay BTS’s mandatory service.

Jin (BTS) enrolled in the 5th Infantry Division Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province (Korea) on December 13.

Jin will join the military’s active duty after completing basic training.

The male idol is anticipated to be released on June 10, 2024.

Jin is the first member of BTS to enlist in the army

Previously, on December 12, Big Hit Music announced, “In order to prevent an accidеnt due to congestion, Jin plans to sit in a car and go straight to the training camp campus and not directly greet the media or the media. fan”. On the 24th of last month, Jin also asked for safety through the Weverse fan community: “Our Army (BTS fan name) must not go to the training center, crowded can be dangerous.” . Therefore, not too many fans gathered at the above location.

Reporters had been there since the morning to cover Jin’s enlisting. The army and police sent forces to maintain order in order to avoid congestion. In order to control security, the neighborhood deployed roughly 270 riоt police who were split into three groups and placed surrounding the training center. Fire and medical personnel prepare an ambulance in case of an emеrgency at the same time. Only new troops and their families are permitted to enter the training site, which is heavily guarded by military forces.

Jin drove straight to the training center by car, the army was deployed to ensure order

BTS supporters nonetheless made banners and banners to lift Jin’s spirits, despite the fаct that they were unable to come together in huge numbers to bid their heroes farewell. When a Hong Kong fan announced that she had been at the venue since the early hours of the morning to say goodbye to the singer The astronaut, it attracted notice.

Army cheers Jin from afar to avoid traffic jams and оbstruct other soldiers

Fans also offered a lot of supportive comments for the member of BTS on online message boards: “I hope Jin and his sense of humor will be okay because even his final post before leaving was hilarious. He won’t ever alter. We’ll miss him very much, we’re waiting for his arrival in 2024, and we’ll constantly be thinking about and praying for him. Enjoy your mission. greatest results for you. really happy for you “…

Around 13:45 local time, Jin showed up at the training facility.

Every BTS member, including RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, and V, set aside their personal plans to accompany Jin to sign up for the military.

BTS’s official Twitter account shared a picture of the members together before the “group activities had to be put on hold along with the announcement, “Our brother. Go and securely return. adore you”

All BTS members including RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook and V came to see Jin enlist

The members didn’t forget to tease the eldest brother of the group

Soon after, V and J-Hope changed the wishes on their individual profiles to be sent to the same group member. Message from J-Hope: “Be wholesome and content. V said, “I love you. Don’t get injured.” “.

However, the controversy over whether BTS should be excused from military service because to their contributions to Korean culture has persisted throughout time and shows no signs of abating.

Midway through October, Big Hit said that Jin had applied to end the military enlistment postponement and that BTS members would each go individually with the necessary steps to enlist in the military in the near future.