The opposite of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: one up, one down

While Kanye West struggled to find a new direction for his downhill career, Kim Kardashian remained steadfast, even rising with the title of a billi𝚘𝚗𝚊ire.

“Kim Kardashian bought a $70 million mansion”, “Inside Kim Kardashian’s $150 million private jet”, “How Kim Kardashian built a $1.8 billion empire”, “How the Kardashian sisters make money ?”…

That is the title of the South China Morning Post, Hello Magazine, Insider … used to describe the wealth and sublimation of Kim’s career “super round three” after the divorce. Absolutely, the article mentions that Kanye West’s fortune is very small, if any, it is just a mocking post about the male rapper when he has to see the billi𝚘𝚗-dollar empire collapse.

During the time after filing for divorce (and in the process of completing the procedure), Kim and Kanye’s status in showbiz in particular and the business world in general changed. They are in opposition to each other.

Kim Kardashian’s $ 1.8 billi𝚘𝚗 empire

According to Stylecaster, The Kardashians, the new show to replace Keeping Up With The Kardashians, launched on the online platform in April, has confirmed the attraction and position of this great family in the field of reality television, especially with Kim Kardashian.

Appearing on a show focusing on her own life, Kim pocketed between $7.5 million and $8.3 million per season. Two seasons of The Kardashians passed, she brought in about 16 million USD. This is only a small part of Kim’s total annual income of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Rising to the billions of dollars from 2021, Kim is reported to now stand at 1,645th place on the list of world’s billionaires with a net worth of $1.8 billion. She got rich quickly thanks to 2 empires Skims (underwear) and KKW Beauty (beauty products).

Business Insider reports that KKW Beauty’s official website regularly shows sold out status for most products. The brand’s lipsticks, highlighters, concealers, eyeshadows and contouring kits are always out of stock within minutes of opening, bringing in tens of millions of dollars for Kim.

With that success, KKW Beauty “despite being born late”, is still considered a thrҽαt to Kylie Cosmetics, the brand owned by Kylie Jenner.

Industry experts explain that one of the factors that helped KKW Beauty and the defining fashion line Skim thrive was Kim’s widespread recognition. For all products, she models advertising and shares PR articles on her personal page attracting 333 million followers.

Not stopping there, Kim launched more skin care brand Skn by Kim focusing on 9 products. The price for each set of products is 900 USD. Despite being sued by another company for trademark infringement, Skkn by Kim has stable revenue, helping Kim add value to her business empire.

In the article praising Kim for becoming a billionaire, Forbes listed the remaining assets after her two business brands, which are cash and profitable investments, most notably real estate.

Kim owns a series of million-dollar mansions stretching from New York, Los Angeles, Miami to Calabasas, Kardashian. She also has a stock portfolio for Disney, Amazon, adidas…

According to Page Six, Kim is very satisfied with her rich life and growing influence in the world. The American beauty is also ready for a new relationship after divorcing Kanye West and ending a 9-month love affair with Pete Davidson.

Kanye West lost $2 billion in one day

Meanwhile, Kanye West was in a different situation.

In just 24 hours, he lost 2 billion USD, was stripped of the billionaire title by Forbes. Adidas, Gap and Balenciaga all announced the termination of their contracts because they could not accept the anтi-Semiтism and hɑтe speech of the scɑndɑlous star.

“Emanuel! I lost $2 billion in one day and I’m still alive. This is not a hɑte post. I still love you. God still loves you. That money is not who I am,” Kanye mentioned Emanuel. Ari – CEO of entertainment company Endeavor – who urged the companies to cut ties with the 45-year-old rapper.

There was once an arrogant and careless Kanye West, “standing on a mountain of money” – the People wrote. Ex-husband Kim now has more than $100 million in his bank account, enough to last him for a few months if he continues to maintain a lavish lifestyle. However, Kanye easily faces the risk of a financial crisis if he does not find a way to turn the situation around.

Kanye West lost the title of billionaire USD, at risk of financial crisis

Kanye has 5 sources of income, but 4 sources have been affected. In recent years, he has made huge profits from contracts with adidas and Gap, music royalties, album sales and concert shows. However, it all came crashing down.

Located about 22 kilometers from Kim Kardashian’s $70 million estate in Malibu, Kanye is in the name of the $57 million mansion. This project is at serious risk because of his unstable finances. Besides, the rapper has a series of other houses, but many apartments are mortgaged.

With the current situation, fans have opened the GoFundMe page to call for donations to help Kanye return to the billionaire race. However, this action was considered a joke when receiving only 5 USD.

It can be said that Kanye West has never gone downhill as quickly as this year. 2022 for him is a failure when he cannot save his marriage with Kim Kardashian. Not only that, he also lost the title of billionaire USD.