The possibility for Mbappe to wear Real Madrid jersey is quite rare

Real Madrid recently brought home another title to their already cramped traditional room. However, on the happy day of the White Vulture, there were some characters who were reluctantly mentioned.

Real Madrid easily overcame Frankfurt on August 11 to claim the European Super Cup. This title is significant because it has enabled several Real Madrid players, most notably Benzema and coach Ancelotti, to set records. People will, however, quickly recall a name that was nearly a part of the Galacticos galaxy when they saw these characters. 


Mbappe officially rejected Real Madrid in the summer of 2021 and chose to remain on the roof of PSG. The youthful talent of France was “tied up” by a French billionaire with a three-year contract that included the highest remuneration in the world of up to $25 million annually. Sky Sports also said that PSG was need to pay a bribe of more than 130 million USD to obtain the French striker. The highest kick in football history is this one. 


The decision of the Golden Boy 2018 made President Perez and Real Madrid fans very angry because in the past, Mbappe himself had many times openly wanted to move to the Bernabeu team. Even these people claim that Mbappe will regret his decision this time. 


Marca claims that Mbappe’s tale is still fresh in the minds of Real supporters who watched the recent European Super Cup game in the Helsinki Olympic bleachers. A supporter is shown wearing both a Real Madrid and a PSG jersey, with the words “Champions League,” Mbappe’s name, and the number 0 beneath. The fact that Real Madrid won the Champions League for the 14th time at the end of May this year is seen as a “message” to the French striker, who is vying for his first Champions League championship with PSG.


Pretty sure, the career of the French striker will always be “followed” by the royal team’s fans because of what he has done in the past. With a club capable of challenging every championship like Real Madrid, perhaps the image of Mbappe being “ridiculous” will last. 

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