The Rҽαl Reason Why Rosé’s Entire Solo Album Is In English

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé dropped her solo album with the title track “On The Ground”. While her vocals and visuals are absolutely groundbreaking (wink, wink), fans couldn’t help but wonder why the entire album is in English.

Not only is the title track “On The Ground” in English, her pre-release, “Gone”, was also in English. While fans have guessed that it was to cater to a more global audience, Rosé rҽvvҽalҽd the rҽαl reason during the press conference for R.

Rosé shared that she feels every song has a language it suits the most. In order to raise the level of completeness for her songs, she felt that they suited English the most. Although Rosé was worried fans would find it a pity they weren’t in Korean, her priority was to deliver a satisfying song with a high level of completeness.

Rosé New Look On The European Tour Causes A Fever

After completing 14 concerts in 7 North American cities, Blackpink continued the global tour “Born Pink” in Europe.The first place was London, the capital of England, taking place. in 2 days November 30 and December 1 (local time).

During the world tour since mid-October, every time Blackpink appears at a concert, the fashion style and appearance of the 4 female idols are always topics of interest to the audience. The concert in London was no exception, especially Rosé received a “rain” of compliments when she changed her new image.

A series of photos of Rosé’s solo performance were shared a lot on social networks. The female idol has two side buns like the style of the cartoon character Pucca. In addition, her outfit also changed, different from the shows in North America.

Instead of the familiar black fringed dress, Rosé switched to wearing a shimmering silver tassel dress, outside with a feather coat of the same color. The overall outfit and hairstyle make the main vocalist Blackpink have a new and extremely attractive appearance.

In addition to Rosé, the other members also changed a series of new outfits and hairstyles.

As noted by the audience attending Blackpink’s London concert, The O2 stadium with about 20,000 seats was filled, not to mention thousands of ticketed spectators standing near the stage below.

After London, the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain will be the next place Blackpink will set foot in.