The Reason Why BTS & Tzuyu (Twice) Have The Common Nickname ‘Double Visual’

BTS's V and Twice's Tzuyu are legendary visuals of the 3rd generation K-pop village. In addition, these 2 idols also have a common nickname "double visual"!

V and Tzuyu both have excellent visuals that are praised by fans. However, when the two are in the same frame, their visuals are especially overwhelming.


An old moment of V and Tzuyu at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards once caused a fever on social networking sites.Specifically, at the end of the awards ceremony, the participating artists gathered on stage to take a commemorative photo. And coincidentally,

BTS and Twice standing close to each other created a spectacular scene for fans. In particular, the moment V stood right in front of Tzuyu made them “shσckҽɗ” visually.


Although surrounded by beautiful male and female idols, V and Tzuyu’s beauty is still very prominent and becomes the focus of the photo. Many netizens also praised because both were once called by TC Candler as the male or female star with the most beautiful face in the world. No matter how blurry the photo below is, V and Tzuyu’s comic-like beauty is still extremely sharp.


Many comments warmly praised this as they called this the top “double visual” photo of K-pop. Here are some comments from netizens:

“It looks like the two of them are from another world”.

“What a beautiful flower garden!”


– V always gives off a surreal feeling. He’s already handsome, but he also has a surreal aura.

– “Looking at this, V and Tzuyu look alike. Double visual!”.

– “No matter how you take pictures, you won’t be able to put them down. Both of them have great visuals!”.


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