The reasons why Manchester United will have a defensive ‘super midfielder’

Man United has received extremely favorable information regarding the purchase of Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro

Man United’s request to buy Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro appears to be a myth, but it is likely to be the most surprising contract this summer. The most recent information regarding this transaction is extremely beneficial to the Old Trafford team.

Man United is getting positive signals from the rush to shop in the final weeks of the transfer window. Here are some of the reasons why Manchester United should sign Casemiro this summer:

1) Significant remuneration.

Manchester United has made a bid for Real Madrid’s Casemiro. The Old Trafford club is willing to spend 65 million euros on the Royals and offer Casemiro a five-year contract with a weekly salary of 430,000 euros.


Manchester United pays Casemiro twice as much as Real Madrid (210,000 euros per week). This is an unavoidable level of treatment, and it has been reported that Casemiro has been “shaken” by the offer.

2) Become the number one midfielder.

Man United’s midfield is the biggest issue in the game now that Matic has left and there is no real holding midfielder. If Casemiro is signed, he will be a key player and a bright star in the Reds’ midfield.


With the arrival of the Brazilian player, Fred, Eriksen, or Bruno will feel much more “liberated” and free to attack. Casemiro will be the name Erik Ten Hag has been waiting for to “scratch the itch.”

3) Premier League Challenges.

The English Premier League is still regarded as the most difficult football environment in Europe, with the highest level of expertise. Even though Casemiro is already 30, it would be a fantastic environment for a player of his caliber to try out.


With “full” titles with Real Madrid, Casemiro is likely to agree to move to the top football environment in his final years, as Varane did last summer.

When the Brazilian player has almost agreed to move to Old Trafford, all transfer information surrounding Casemiro is very supportive of Manchester United. It would be even better if the Red Devils could “close the singles” with Real Madrid before Saturday, allowing Casemiro to be ready for the crucial English Derby against Liverpool.

4) Manchester United and Real Madrid’s relationship.

Since 1963, Manchester United and Real Madrid have had a close relationship. Over the last 20 years, these two teams have had a string of successful transfer deals, including Beckham, Ronaldo, Chicharito, and the most recent, Varane.


With Manchester United having spoken, Real Madrid also allowed Casemiro to leave without incident. This is very good news for Manucians, who are hoping for another smooth transaction between Manchester United and Real Madrid.

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