The scаndаIs surrounding BLACKPINK is all caused by YG

BLACKPINK was entangled in many controversies when the comeback schedule was only 1 day away.

It took 2 years after the album The Album, BLACKPINK  to return to the Kpop race with the second full album  Born Pink. Before officially releasing the album, the group will release the opening single  Pink Venom  on August 19.

As the most popular girl group in the world at the moment, it’s not surprising that all the information about  Pink Venom  has been noticed. However, just a few days before the expected comeback, BLACKPINK continuously faced controversies on the sidelines.

Jisoo crazy fans criticize Jennie

After sharing the teaser video and comeback poster on her personal Instagram, Jennie was suddenly criticized by Jisoo’s akgae (malicious fans). The reason is said to be because Jennie did not attach a Youtube link when posting the teaser video of her sister in the group.

In the comments section, many people called Jennie a “snake” and thought that she did it on purpose so as not to be surpassed by Jisoo in terms of views.


The comment section on Jennie’s post on Instagram was attacked by a part of Jisoo fans

Tension between Lisa fans and YG Entertainment

Fan Lisa has expressed dissatisfaction with the management company BLACKPINK – YG Entertainment since last year. The private fandom of the Thai rapper accused YG Entertainment of hiding the statistics of the solo album  LALISA  in order to “drain” her.

In particular, LISA Bar – Lisa’s biggest fan association in China also announced to stop buying the BLACKPINK album until YG Entertainment has a clear explanation of the incident. It is known that Lisa’s two biggest fandoms in China alone, LISA Bar and Lisa China, contributed to about 1/5 of the group’s total album sales  The Album .

After the news about  Pink Venom  broke out, Lisa fans continued  affirming that YG Entertainment treated idols unfairly. Specifically, YG did not attach links to Youtube and Naver when posting Lisa’s teaser video on Twitter.


The BLACKPINK hashtag in Lisa’s Youtube teaser is misspelled

YG also misplaced the hashtag (BLACPINK instead of BLACKPINK) on  Lisa’s own teaser. In addition, Lisa’s solo teaser was missing from BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom ng teaser playlist on Youtube and was only added later.


BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom teaser playlist is missing Lisa’s solo teaser

Fans believe that all of these actions have the potential to seriously affect their idols.

Aespa fans accuse BLACKPINK of plagiarism

BLACKPINK got into trouble again when a concept photo of the group was accused by some MYs (aespa’s fandom) of plagiarism. This accusation caused a huge controversy between the two fandoms.


Poster of aespa was taken last year

However, with neutral fans, the majority opinion is inclined to the fact that the two concepts are quite different and it is difficult to find common ground between the two groups.


Jennie was criticized for revealing clothes

In the promotional photo for  Pink Venom,  Jennie  was criticized for being too revealing. The reaction of the Korean online community has been quite intense and YG Entertainment has yet to comment on the controversy, as of August 17.


Korean netizens are not satisfied with the way YG stylist’s clothes for Jennie

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