The slit dress is Angelina Jolie’s personal brand

Take a look at the actress’s low-cut dresses that are always sought after by netizens…

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In 2012, at the 84th awards ceremony, Angelina Jolie wore a black velvet dress with a bold high slit by Atelier Versace. Although not a supermodel, with an ideal height of 1m76, the actress loves to wear dresses that can reveal her long legs.

Behind-the-scenes figures revealed that many famous figures in the media have also followed Angelina Jolie’s “trend” of high-cut dresses. The product was widely praised in the fashion press.

More broadly, the actress created the trend of daring slit dresses. Brands including Balmain, Azzaro and Jean Paul Gaultier put thigh-high slits on their runways less than a month after the Oscars.

After that, many other stars, from Chrissy Teigen and Beyoncé to Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Scherzinger, also wore high-cut designs on the red carpet that year. The New York newspaper calls this the “Angelina effect”.

gettyimages-168197863.jpegThe New Yorker newspaper crowned Jolie “the person who wears the best slit dress”, because the actress has made many people stunned by her figure and confident charisma. Meanwhile, the late editor of Vogue, André Leon Talley, celebrated the way Angelina Jollie created her own style by wearing “super sexy with a big slash on her right leg”.

The 1m76 tall beauty shared with the media: “I simply chose an outfit with a monotonous style to go to an event. I didn’t expect it to be praised so much.” A few years later, at the premiere of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” In 2019, the actress shared more about her personal preferences when choosing clothes: “I prioritize choosing comfortable items and they help me feel confident when going out.”

gettyimages-137141102.jpegIn March this year, Donatella Versace, the designer of the national dress, shared about her creativity when designing: “Sometimes people don’t know what will be the most beautiful item, but only when they see others.” That product, it could be amazing.”