The stately home where Iranian leader Ebrahim Raisi lives is adorned with extravagant items that would be beyond the reach of even the most affluent of individuals to acquire

The lavish residence occupied by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi features opulent furnishings and accessories that would be challenging for even the wealthiest individuals to obtain

The palatial abode in which Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi dwells is embellished with sumptuous furnishings and accoutrements that would pose a procure

The private chambers are no less impressive, outfitted with custom-made furniture upholstered in the finest silk brocades

The presidential bathrooms are clad in rare marble quarried from the mountains of northern Iran, the veins of color running through the stone like frozen rivers.



This lavish abode is a testament to the power and privilege afforded to Iran’s highest office, a domain that few outside the country’s elite circles can ever hope to experience.