The Story of Benzema’s Broken Finger and White Bandage

The white band has been associated with "Lazy Cat" for the past 3 years, and coincidentally this is the best period of his career.

Karim Benzema’s bandaged arm must be well known to the majority of football watchers. Many people believe that photo, which surfaced in 2019, represents the French goal scorer’s “style.” However, there is a narrative of admirable commitment hidden behind that video.


Benzema clashed with Marc Bartra in a match against Real Betis in January 2019, breaking the bone and tendon of his right little finger. According to medical professionals, the recuperation process might take up to two months. The “lazy cat” made the decision to play on and postpone getting surgery until the conclusion of the 2018–19 season because he didn’t want Real Madrid to lose a striker. 

Despite the fact that the procedure was then successfully completed, the center’s 1987 birth reduced the post-operative recuperation period. In fact, Benzema is excited to start training again for the next season. As a result, his finger could not get back to how it was.


Because of the global Covid-19 epidemic more than two years ago, the 2019–20 season can only finish in August 2020. The new campaign began again in September of that same year, so it is natural that Benzema kept putting off orthopedic surgery.

At the end of the 2020/21 season, the White Vulture’s number 9 was added to the list of France to attend Euro 2020. Of course, he could not miss the opportunity to go to the national team because of an unusual finger. So “Ben Ú” returned to Les Bleus after many years of absence. He contributed 4 goals, but unfortunately the blue shirt team had to stop right in the round of 16.


Farewell to the national team, Benzema rested for a short time before continuing to fight with his teammates at Real Madrid. The plan of surgery was again abandoned. Anyway, he didn’t care too much about the injury. Even since breaking his finger, the French striker’s performance has been even more sublimated. This season, he has scored 44 goals and assisted 15 times in 45 games.


In the summer of 2022, Benzema is facing a great “opportunity” to completely solve the deformed little finger, because the World Cup will not take place until the end of the year. But if he was “superstitious”, he would probably leave the white bandage on his hand. Who knows, it will become the highlight in the case of Benzema raising the Golden Ball title.

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