The strongest team in history was created when Chelsea quickly purchased three Barca stars

Chelsea is very close to landing three top players from Barcelona, and this is also the time when people start to realize what Thomas Tuchel is really thinking

Fans’ confidence in Chelsea’s ability to challenge for the Premier League championship this year has much diminished. The most noteworthy aspect is that, after ejecting both Timo Werner and Lukaku, the Blues don’t appear to have taken any action to find a conventional striker.

However, the transfer transactions in which Chelsea are presently interested are increasingly making clearer what manager Thomas Tuchel desires. Not only that, but it would likely be a nightmare for both the English Premier League in particular and Europe in general if Mr. Tuchel’s “wish” comes true.


Three names are currently very near to the Stamford Bridge team: Frenkie de Jong, Aubameyang, and Barcelona’s Memphis Depay. Aubameyang and Depay are both players who play in the attack, with the exception of De Jong, but they have the trait of being incredibly versatile and not being sole attackers.

In the hands of Mr. Thomas Tuchel will be a “variable jigsaw,” assuming Chelsea actually succeeded in signing this striker combination to mix with what the Blues already have, such as rookies Raheem Sterling, Mason Mount, Kai Havertz, or Pulisic.


The players already listed can play practically any position on the attack, which explains why. There are managers for everyone, from the left striker to the right striker, the public defender, the central striker, the virtual number 9, etc. And maybe that’s what the German coach wants to achieve.


The mobility that Mr. Tuchel has always liked will nearly guarantee that a team with such a varied assault will never “grow bored” of any opponent. For instance, if Chelsea had to play against a weak foe with a dense “concrete” or “double-decker bus,” Kai Havertz or Aubameyang would undoubtedly get to the top. to use the frequent crosses from the flanks in attack to score goals.

Raheem Sterling, Depay, or even Pulisic and Ziyech, who play support behind the target striker, have the ability to burst through as well, creating circumstances that cause your team’s defense to “slide.” Not to mention Mount or De Jong’s capacity to kill the opposition from outside the penalty area.


In contrast, a formidable foe like Manchester City or Liverpool will compel Thomas Tuchel and his students to play unfairly. The speedy players on the sides, like Aubameyang or Sterling, will then be supported by virtual nines like Kai Havertz, Ziyech, or Depay who will be dragged into the middle.

Remember that Mr. Tuchel’s variety in attack was a major factor in Chelsea winning the Champions League during that season. Again, the German military leader turned to his “trump card” after learning “a lesson of a lifetime” from a typical striker, Lukaku, and Europe had to be on guard once more. Chelsea changed into a virtual person.


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