The Surgeon Diagnosed a Tᴜмor On Jisoo’s Neck, Contrary To What YG Claims?

BLACKPINK Jisoo is suspected of having an ҽpidҽrmoid cγsт– These are the signs

On November 8, Lee Se Ra , vice president of the Korean Society of Surgeons, sat down for an interview with “Medical Channel After the Rain.”

During the interview, Lee shared his insights and opinions as an expert on recent speculations about BLACKPINK’s Jisoo having health problems.

The тumσr on Jisoo’s neck

Previously, photos of Jisoo from their world tour, “BORN PINK” were posted on social media, where it showed a coin-sized lump on her neck.

After about health problems, YG Entertainment immediately clarified that Jisoo was not sick and was doing well.

But this is the opposite of what a surgeon thinks. Considering the idol’s age, the тumσr’s location, and its shape, Vice President Lee Se Ra then stated:

“If you look at the picture of Jisoo, there is a 99.99% chance that you have an ҽpidҽrmoid cγsт.”

In context, epidermal cysts mean that the oil glands of the epidermis become blocked and form тumσrs.

In Jisoo’s case, her cyst was quite swollen but her lymph nodes were thin and indistinct.

The doctor diagnosed that epidermal cysts usually grow like this.

Surgeon Lee advises Jisoo about conducting a biopsy, explaining the risks if left unattended

During the interview, the vice president testified to fans and viewers that if Jisoo really has a cyst, it’s not a malignancy.

(Ảnh: Lee Se Ra (YouTube channel (Medical Channel After Rain))

“Benign cysts are quite small in size. She [Jisoo] has a soft benign cyst. The most important feature of a malignant cyst is that it is hard and rough. Most benign cysts are soft, smooth, and small in shape. It can differentiate between malignant and benign by about 70%.”

Although Jisoo feels no symptoms, Vice President Lee recommended that the BLACKPINK star do a biopsy and disclose the risks if the cyst is speculated to go unsupervised.

(Photo: Nate Pann)

“If you feel emaciated or have a fever, you need to go to the hospital immediately. However, even without such symptoms, you should still have a biopsy if it’s been more than two months since the lymph glands (swollen) neck.”

(Jisoo’s) cyst is most likely benign. However, if she continues to leave that lump, you will get an infection and leave a lot of scars on your neck. Treatment, after it gets too large, can cause scarring. If possible, they should quickly find an appropriate hospital and perform surgery when the size is not large.”

(Photo: Jisoo’s Instagram)

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is currently kicking off their world tour, taking Seoul and US cities as the group’s first stops.

In the midst of their performance, members Jisoo and Jennie worried fans after showing signs of health problems.

Jennie (left) and Jisoo (right)

Fans are worried about the тumσr on Jisoo’s neck, while Jennie recently made fans worry about a recurrence of her leg death.