The times Messi was ‘crɑzy’ on the pitch makes rivals trеmble

Lionel Messi is a moderate player, but that does not mean that he does not have moments of temper. Pep Guardiola has mentioned an incident on the training ground in the past when Messi rushed to lose with defender Rafael Marquez after a dangerous tackle from Marquez, and later Messi had other moments of lack of restraint.

Messi’s first heated situation took place in the 2009 European Super Cup match between Barcelona and Shakhtar Donetsk. Regretfully missed by Darijo Srna, the Argentinian striker jumped up and pushed hard from behind and came face to face with the Croatian defender.

Due to being too closely followed in the 1-1 draw between Bolivia and Argentina in the 2011 Copa Ameria, Messi was unable to keep calm with defender Ronaldo Raldes. The Barcelona star even elbowed the Bolivian player in the chin after a dispute in the first half. It was thanks to the intervention of Cambiasso that Messi calmed down.

Also in 2011, Messi was involved in another scɑndal, which was to hit a crowd of Real Madrid fans after the ball went all the way in the Super Classic match.

Real Madrid defender Pepe angrily gesticulated to the forward after he’d fired a ball into the crowd in a dangerous manner.

The match against Granada in 2013 was also a rare time when Messi got angry with his own teammates. After an unfavorable pass led to a missed opportunity, Messi immediately expressed his displeasure with senior David Villa. This can be a “warning” for the two current teammates of “El Pulga” Neymar and Luis Suarez.

In the Joan Gamper Cup match in the summer of 2015, Messi did not hesitate to head-butt Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa after a dispute. Not understanding what Mbiwa said, “El Pulga” ɑggressively rushed to the neck of the AS Roma midfielder to ask for enough. A scuffle almost happened without the intervention of the referee and players of both teams. Both Messi and Mbiwa received yellow cards after this situation.

Fans continue to see Messi getting angry at the Mestalla sanctuary. However, the Argentine superstar has absolutely good reason to challenge Valencia fans to defend his teammates. After scoring the goal to seal a 3-2 victory for Barca, some of Messi’s teammates were thrown by the fans while celebrating.

Dissatisfied with the actions of the extremist crowd, Barca’s No. 10 went on a rɑmpage. His facial expression shows that he is very angry and ɑggressive. This player looked at the Valencia fans and challenged. Even defender Lucas Digne had to run to reassure his teammate.

With frustration setting in for Barcelona, Messi lashed out at Jonathan Vila after the defensive midfielder robbed him of the ball.

In addition, Lionel Messi had an unhappy memory in the match at Etihad Stadium in 2016, even though he scored against the home team Man City, Barca still lost 1-3 to his team old Pep Guardiola.

Not stopping there, the Argentine star striker also embarrassed himself when he got into an argument with Mikel Arteta – a former Arsenal player and Pep’s assistant coach in Man’s home tunnel. green after the game.

Arteta was extremely excited, not only off the field, the 35-year-old former Spaniard also danced in the tunnel leading to the Etihad changing room.

That action seems to anger Lionel Messi. According to the description of The Sun and the Mirror (UK), the Barca striker came and said: “Go in and be happy in the dressing room. Don’t do anything here”.

Arteta – who used to play for Barca’s B and C teams – immediately countered: “What do you like? Shut up and go away”.

Spanish TV station La sexta also confirmed that Pep’s assistant insulted Messi, making the Barca star striker angry: “Get out and change. Bastard!”

That statement really made M10 lose his temper. After the opponent entered the dressing room, Messi also reached out to shout: “You idiot, come out here, show me your face! Don’t hide like that”.

Seeing the stressful situation, Sergio Aguero came out to dissuade Messi.

In a match in 2017, Sergio Ramos made Lionel Messi so angry that he had to swear.

The Real Madrid captain, instead of giving the ball to the Barcelona captain in a free-kick situation, threw the ball into the sky with the intention of ‘trolling’ Messi.

Frustrated by being trolled, Messi immediately swore

At the beginning of 2021, Messi ended the Spanish Super Cup final in disappointment. Not only losing the match, El Pulga had a very bad day because he was sent off when he received a direct red card.

Specifically, in the first minute of injury time of extra time, unable to keep his cool head being accompanied by Asier Villalibre, Messi swung his right hand to hit the Bilbao striker’s head.

This is the first time in his career at Barca, after 753 matches in all competitions, Messi has received a red card. According to Sport, the Argentinian international faces a four- to 12-match ban for a cold strike against Asier Villalibre.

Most recently, in the match against the Netherlands at the 2022 World Cup, Messi had a provocative celebration in front of Louis van Gaal after scoring to make Argentina 2-0. After the game, he explained that the former Man Utd coach did not respect himself and his teammates when he made thoughtless statements.

Not stopping there, when Messi conducted an interview with TyC Sports, the Argentina captain sᴜddenly got angry and scolded striker Wout Weghorst: “Looking at what? Go away.” The world media was also sᴜrprised with the action of M10.

In the interview, Messi expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions of referee Mateu Lahoz. “FIFA needs to be reviewed. It is impossible to arrange an unqualified referee to hold the whistle in a match of such magnitude and importance as today. It is clear that he has not completed his task,” the 35-year-old superstar emphasized.