The top 4 opportunity was seen negatively after Man United’s first loss under Ten Hag era

In the opening game of the Ten Hag era, Brighton defeated MU 1-2

When he and the Brighton players opened the 2022–23 Premier League season with a convincing 2-1 victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford, Graham Potter took a significant step toward becoming the next England head coach (in the event that Gareth Southgate retired after the World Cup). This is Brighton’s first victory at MU in franchise history, and there isn’t a thing to fault with their football in terms of effectiveness, style, or coordination.


The game also demonstrated that despite winning friendlies, Erik Ten Hag would still face challenges at MU. Although they struggled without Anthony Martial up front, Manchester United’s midfield still shown the same vulnerability as the previous year, the defense—especially Luke Shaw—reacted too slowly to both goals, and the offensive front obviously needed more players.


Various people in the British public have different reactions to this defeat, but the majority think that MU won’t be able to return to the top four this year. The Guardian said this: “Only 1 game; do not jump to any conclusions. Though they lost two of their top players over the summer, Brighton, arguably the most impressive and admired team in the Premier League, dominated MU on the road. While discussing Ten Hag earlier today, we were forced to close the day by praising Potter.”


Samuel Luckhurst, a journalist for the Manchester Evening News, posted the following message as soon as it was available on Twitter: “Brighton won well, MU only improved a little bit by bringing in Ronaldo and Eriksen backing down, but they played like a team just enough to qualify for the Europa League. Eriksen could be able to perform well for MU, but their current combined strength prevents them from cracking the top four.


The players still did not adhere to Ten Hag’s intentions, as Melissa Reddy of the Liverpool Echo newspaper highlighted some flaws in MU’s tactics. “There is a lot of room between the defense and midfield, they don’t have a cover while attacking, and the full-back is up there by himself with no one beneath. No structure is created for the organization to recover when the ball is lost. MU needs a destroyer in the center more than ever, toughness in the middle of the field “Reddy evaluated.

Kári Tulinius, a Guardian reader, brought up the issue of strikers orbiting around Ronaldo: “On the one hand, it will take some time for the team to get acclimated to Ten Hag or everyone’s approach. On the other side, when MU was leading, Ronaldo was added as his first response. Although he is Ten Hag’s lone striker on the bench, deploying him would draw attention from the public, and Ten Hag right now needs the least amount of silence.”

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