The unheralded hero who contributed to Real’s success

From the role of assistant fitness coach when he first came to Real Madrid with his father, Davide Ancelotti has now become an effective arm of the Italian captain.

Davide Ancelotti, the son of Carlo Ancelotti, is 33 years old this year. However, Carlo once stated truthfully: “Davide is not my son at work. I believe any coach would be happy to have him as an assistant.

Davide has a deeper understanding of Real Madrid than his father has. Davide sent Karim Benzema to the touchline during the Madrid derby in December to deliver advice. The assistant recommended Benzema to position a few meters away as it would be more advantageous after explaining the Atletico Madrid defense’s extremely low operation. A few minutes later, the exquisite cross from Vinicius Junior was met by a sprinting French striker who scored. 


Davide is Carlo’s replacement directing Real Madrid’s training sessions. At Valdebebas this summer, behind closed doors that reporters could not reach, one could almost only hear the loud direction of Davide. “Pass. Just two touches. Put a lot of pressure on”, the son of Carlo Ancelotti is the one who ensures the training sessions are of the highest quality. 

When his father replaced Jose Mourinho as head coach in 2023, Davide initially joined Real Madrid. At first, Davide was just employed as a nameless, menial assistant to a fitness coach. However, Davide fascinates Real Madrid’s supporters with his inquisitiveness, staying at his father’s side to learn everything and putting in at least 12 hours a day at the office.


As Carlo Ancelotti’s right-hand man at Bayern later on, Davide had mastered all the duties of a professional assistant. Davide followed his father to Napoli, Everton, and then, in the summer of 2021, after gaining more experience, he returned to Real Madrid. 

Compared to his father, Davide is closer to the Real Madrid players. There are two main reasons: youth and language. The bachelor of sports science is fluent in 4 foreign languages ​​(French, German, Spanish, English) so it is easy to integrate with Real Madrid’s four-country army. Having a stronger personality than his father, the 33-year-old assistant manages the Real Madrid dressing room with affection in addition to setting limits for the stars. 


Davide was born on July 1, 1989 in Parma, just four months before Carlo Ancelotti lifted the Champions League trophy with Milan. Following in his father’s footsteps, Davide also trained at Milan’s academy but soon decided to stop at the age of 20 when he realized his passion for coaching. Davide then studied for a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and then went to PSG with his father as a fitness coach.


Many people commented that Davide is capable of becoming a talented coach similar to his father. But that’s the future, and now the 33-year-old assistant is still working every day on the training ground with Real Madrid players.

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