The unique training method of the descendant of ‘Ronaldo’

Brazilian striker Vinicius Junior is one of the most impressively muscular players in the Real Madrid squad.

Vinicius frequently showcases his well-toned muscles on social media. When he has spare time, the 22-year-old Brazilian striker enjoys going to the gym.


The procedure of Vinicius’ training is abused by professionals. The Real Madrid attacker concentrates particularly on developing his upper body, calves, and thigh muscles. Vinicius also understands how to strike a balance between cardiovascular health and muscular training.

Vinicius may work out five days a week and then take two days off to let his muscles heal. The 2000-born striker has always admired Cristiano Ronaldo and has always wished to keep a lean physique throughout his career.


Vinicius is an essential dietary component in addition to exercise. The Real star hires a nutritionist to create a diet that is appropriate for both training and competition. In order to maintain good health, build stamina, and have enough of energy, Vinicius frequently practices a balanced dietary regimen.

Vinicius forbids the consumption of alcoholic drinks and foods heavy in sugar, fat, and dairy. These foods are likewise forbidden for the majority of professional athletes.


Vinicius Junior has exceptional athletic prowess and seldom gets hurt. In the 2021–2022 season, the Brazilian striker has made the most appearances for Real Madrid’s first team (52 matches).


Vinicius has just had the most impressive season since joining Real. Striker born in 2000 scored 22 goals and with “Los Blancos” won La Liga and Champions League. 

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