The ‘unusual’ eating method helps Haaland breɑk the Premier League record

The scientific and special diet is one of the reasons that help Haaland maintain his fitness to shine in the world’s toughest tournament.

Erling Haaland is currently the number one striker in the Premier League. Haaland went down in history when he got 35 goals in the Premier League, he became the top scorer in the history of this tournament.

Andy Cole and Alan Shearer hold the scoring record with 34 goals. However, that was all erased by Haaland, who only needed 33 games to get 35 goals.

In the documentary ‘Haaland: Critical Decision’, he reveɑled his diet to maintain strength and speed. One of his favorite dishes is the heart and liver of animals.

“I care about taking care of my body and using local food. People keep saying not to eat meat because it’s not good. But what kind of meat? Meat you buy at McDonald’s or cows that are naturally grazed. ? I like to eat heart and liver,” Haaland reveɑled.

The chef behind Erling Haaland’s meal preparation is his father, Alfie. He used to be a professional footballer and has a lot of knowledge about sports nutrition. Coach Guardiola even joked that he wanted to convince the club president to bring Alfie as a chef for the team so that Man City “had more Haaland”.

Sharing with the media, Haaland reveɑled that before every match at Etihad, he eats Lasagne cooked by his father, Alf-Inge Haaland: “I ate it before the game and played very well. He must have done it. put something special in this dish.”

Lasagne is a flat noodle and is wide in size. This dish is usually served by stacking many layers, in the middle are cheese, sauce, meat, vegetables. Haaland said he doesn’t help his father with the cooking process. Instead, he just lay in the chair waiting to enjoy.

In addition to working hard every day, Haaland is said to have a similar diet to Cristiano Ronaldo, the superstar playing for Manchester United.

The Norwegian striker will eat 5 meals a day, starting with eggs, fruit juice and avocado. At breakfast, he will use protein smoothies to enhance muscle recovery and growth.

For lunch, Haaland will eat grilled chicken breɑsт – a high-protein and low-fat dish, combined with rice and salad.

In the evening, the Man City star will have 2 more meals. A snack of fruit, followed by a main meal of fish, pasta and vegetables.