The World Cup champion’s situation at Man Utd is becoming more challenging

Many stars won't have many opportunity to express themselves even as high-class players before with Erik Ten Hag taking over as head coach

Since there are currently 6 central defenders in the first squad, Man Utd’s central defense has several choices, in contrast to the attack. All 5 names, excluding the hurt Phil Jones, have been used. competed in the most recent round of friendlies, and everyone left their distinctive mark.

This season, someone will undoubtedly have to get used to the bench more due to the presence of “pet” Lisandro Martinez. Andy Mitten predicts that Raphael Varane will be that player because he will only be the fourth center back option after Martinez-Maguire-Lindelof.


Given that the French midfielder only possesses fundamental passing skills and little in the way of translating ability, it is not hard to understand why he cannot fulfill Ten Hag’s needs in the central position. That has been demonstrated during the previous four years at Real Madrid, where both Ramos and the MCK midfield trio have handled this.


Varane is just a traditional midfielder and does not really contribute to the ball control style that Erik Ten Hag is looking for, despite the fact that he still has his senses in defense. The French midfielder, who earns £ 275,000 a week and has a history of injuries, is unlikely to be the star of the Red Devils team.


Varane will undoubtedly leave Man Utd next summer if he doesn’t make a change, since they will never agree to keep a high-paid player on the bench for an extended period of time. The crucial season for Ten Hag will be the following one, and he will undoubtedly cut any players who don’t fit the bill.

After experiencing soreness during the encounter against Rayo Vallecano, Varane rejoined the club for training yesterday. Given what transpired in that game, it’s likely that the 29-year-old midfielder and Lindelof will be forced to make way for the Maguire-Martinez team to start from scratch.


This French World Cup champion made the Premier League the greatest and toughest league in the world in less than six months at MU after spending up to ten years playing in La Liga. Even greater than La Liga is the Premier League.

Raphael Varane, 28, stated: “There is a difference in intensity” (between La Liga and the Premier League). In the Premier League, games move very quickly. It was an excellent encounter. I enjoy the environment surrounding the stadiums.

I enjoy the way the matches are played here. Although incredibly strong, the mood is excellent and always very upbeat. For me, this experience has been fantastic.”

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