The young Man Utd goalkeeper was informed of the verdict by Ten Hag

Erik Ten Hag gave the English goalkeeper his official decision after he 'let his mouth go too far'

Man United has a lot of “drama” in the summer transfer window, from player futures to buying players from rival clubs. Ronaldo’s future is practically certain, but Man Utd still has issues with goalkeeper Dean Henderson.

This year, Henderson moved to Nottingham Forest on a one-year loan. The English goalkeeper slammed Manchester United for violating their promise to him last season during the same week that he unveiled his new club. Henderson thinks the host club committed felonies with its conduct.


Since Henderson took part in that horrific interview, Man Utd has changed their need to restock the goalkeeping position. Erik Ten Hag steadfastly requested the Man Utd Board of Directors to locate a replacement goalkeeper after the interview. Dan Sheldon and Laurite Whitwell, two journalists, both stated that the Red Devils are actively seeking the number 2 goalie.

Although Leeds’ Meslier is thought to be a future De Gea replacement, Man Utd’s opponents have no plans to allow the English goalkeeper depart this summer. Bachmann from Watford has also been approached, but no agreement has been reached.


Given the current circumstances and Erik Ten Hag’s words addressed at the visiting players, Dean Henderson almost has no chance of wearing a Manchester United shirt. Almost all of the goalkeeper’s opportunities at Manchester United have been eliminated by his time with Co.v.i.d. This season, it’s likely that the goalie from the Carrington academy will need to find a new home.


The management of Man Utd understood that, as a result of Henderson’s departure, the team needed to locate a replacement as a fallback and to put David de Gea under pressure. The Old Trafford staff initially did not consider this strategy, and the club’s budget to purchase additional goalkeepers was only one million pounds, according to Laurie Whitwell of The Athletic.


Henderson, who just transferred from Manchester United to Nottingham Forest on loan, had made it known that the owner club had broken a promise. When the Red Devils failed to provide him with the main kick as promised, the goalkeeper was dissatisfied.

Man Utd anticipated purchasing a new No. 2 goalkeeper in response to Henderson’s incident, bringing the total cost of this project to 7 million pounds. Illan Meslier is a potential target for the Premier League squad. However, the 22-year-old will not be sold by Leeds United this summer.

Erik ten Hag currently has Tom Heaton as a backup option in case De Gea is unable to play.


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