These 3 things of Lisa (BLACKPINK) always the 3 нoттᴇsт topics on Weibo

The latest series of magazine photos of Lisa (BLACKPINK) is currently becoming a нoт topic on social networks.

On today (November 9),  Elle China magazine released a full set of new photos of Lisa (BLACKPINK) for the next month’s issue. Previously, this popular magazine used to make people “fever” when “teasing” a photo of Lisa showing a very sexy bare back. The keyword “Lisa’s butterfly wing” is even at the top of searches on Chinese social networks.

Not in vain, Lisa’s new photo series quickly made netizens crazy. However, unlike the sexy image of “teasers”, Lisa is extremely “closed to the wall”, wearing autumn-winter style outfits. However, the beautiful face, charming charisma and extremely standard body, the unbelievable long legs of the youngest member of BLACKPINK still make the fans unable to take their eyes off.


The photo showing off a sexy bare back, the perfect butterfly wing bone “teases” once made people feverish a few days ago


BLACKPINK’s maknae is both sexy and cool in a black dress


Lisa shows off her “modest” bust, indifferent but extremely sexy, luxurious and elegant. In addition to Jennie, Lisa is also a member who has a soft and beautiful “hanger” shoulder


Close-up of Lisa’s perfectly beautiful face, glossy skin, seductive eyes, high nose bridge and lovely lovely  lips


However, in most of the set of photos, Lisa follows a “discreet” style. Even so, Lisa still exudes a fragile sensuality


The face of the youngest member of BLACKPINK still shines and “weighs” all kinds of outfits, exalting her captivating charm.


Professional model standard attitude


Top notch physique and long legs are equally “excellent”


In this photo, Lisa is considered like a 1960s movie star


The youngest member of BLACKPINK shows off her personality with a whole tree of jeans, showing off her amazing long legs, standard body


Lisa’s eye-catching long legs, slim figure, and shoulder hanger make fans look at them forever

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