They say he is my dad! The 24-year-old star of Liverpool has spoken about his close relationship with manager Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool’s Alexis Mac Allister says his teammates taunt him about the close relationship he shares with manager Jurgen Klopp.


The Argentinean superstar who transferred from Brighton and Hove Albion to Liverpool in the most recent transfer window has spoken publicly about his close relationship with his new German manager. As a joke, he said his teammates often refer to Klopp as “dad.”

Alexis MacAllister, an Argentine star, discusses his close relationship with Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool. (Photo by Getty)The 24-year-old has started all five of the team’s Premier League games in 2023-2024. The Reds acquired the South American star to replace Jordan Henderson in the starting lineup. The player has now come into his own, and while he hasn’t yet reached his peak performance, he’s been putting in a lot of work in practice.

Mac Allister has lately commented on how happy he is to work with Klopp, describing him as “charismatic” with the team. The midfielder made these remarks to the Spanish newspaper La Nacion (via Liverpool Echo):

However, many of my peers hold me responsible because they believe he is now my father. He is really charismatic and makes an effort to be close to the players at all times, so we get along great. His antics rival anything you’d see in a video game, and they’ll have you in fits of laughter. Working with him is a source of great satisfaction for me.

Since Mac Allister’s presence in the midfield, Klopp has continued his tradition of cordial exchanges and celebrations with his teammates.

According to his teammates, the 56-year-old has gone above and beyond in his efforts to bond with the Argentinian star player. The success of Klopp’s acquisitions can be directly attributed to his methods.

The former Brighton star has made a big difference for his new team this season, both on and off the field. He has the makings of a fan favorite at Anfield if he keeps up his regular play.Jurgen Klopp, the German manager of Liverpool, has a reputation for being extremely approachable. This is a picture of (by OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images).The veteran midfielder has shown himself in the Premier League, and if he finds his footing with Liverpool, he can take his game to new heights.

Mac Allister had two appearances for Argentina during the most recent international break, including a game against Bolivia that was played at a high altitude. It appeared that his international commitments had an effect on his performance for the Reds against Wolves, as he was taken out in the second half due to exhaustion.Liverpool’s next Europa League fixture is Thursday away against LASK, and the upcoming Premier League match at Anfield against West Ham United comes on Sunday, so fans will be hoping their new signing is rested and ready to play.