This Is Jennie’s Favorite Outfit Throughout Her Career

BLACKPINK  ‘s  Jennie  has so many viral fashion moments to pick as her all-time favorite moment of her career. However, she recently rҽvҽalҽd this!

BLACKPINK Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram 

Jennie recently sat down with  ELLE  to answer fan questions and pick out her all-time favorite outfit!

The female idol chose the outfit she wore when attending the CHANEL F/W 2022-2023 Show during Paris Fashion Week this March.

Her all-black look made waves and landed her on VOGUE’s “Best Dressed” list from Paris Fashion Week.

She teamed a black puffer jacket over her two-piece set, perfectly blending her sҽxγ and cute style for a gorgeous look that’s both classic and modern.



The outfit looks just as adorable as she takes off her outerwear to put on a simple outfit underneath.

“I have a black puffer jacket with the subtle CHANEL logo and a matching item inside: A cute miniskirt and a corset.” – said Jenny

She looks even more like a doll without her coat.

She was shining brightly at the event, confidently rocking the outfit, but the most impressive part of her look is really the smallest details!

Her tiny purse, layered necklace and gorgeous ring all come together to upgrade her look and add a touch of luxury to an already expensive outfit.


The most remarkable part of Jennie’s entire appearance is actually not related to fashion. Instead, her choice of a super cute braided hairstyle caught everyone’s attention!

“I did this very cute braid that I had never tried before but it turned out so amazing. I love it.” – Jennie

She gives a modern twist to her hairstyle by letting her bangs fall loosely in front of her face.


From watching fashion shows to meeting celebs, Jennie’s simple look that’s both beautiful and practical makes an impression!


| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

For shoes, she paired black CHANEL heels with white lace ribbon socks.

Femininity is the perfect way to make you look adorable from head to toe!



Jennie’s favorite look is also one of BLINK’s favorite looks!