This Is The Fear Of BTS Members When Making Mistakes In Front Of J-Hope

BTS's J-Hope is called "leader Jung" by his bandmates due to his role as leader in the practice room.

When it comes to spending hours working hard and perfecting performances, J-Hope always leads the team to the best of his ability!


However, he becomes more serious than anyone when it’s time to focus and is very strict with the other members. This makes J-Hope quite intimidating and no one wants to mess up, especially when J-Hope sees them making a mistake.

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In an episode of Run BTS! 2022, the members in charge re-enact this scary scenario of them being caught by J-Hope.

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Showing off the scared expressions they used to have, the members are completely in the same situation!

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RM, Jungkook, and Suga know the exact expression of “pursing lips” when J-Hope discovers a mistake.

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And as expected, everyone had the same reaction.

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They shared that it had definitely happened to all of them before, so it was an enjoyable experience.

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Jin’s “feared puppy” face emerged as he flustered and glanced at J-Hope.

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The same goes for V.

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“He also remembers our mistakes very well. Most people would forget, but he came right after the show and said: Hey, you messed up there, didn’t he?” – Jin shared.

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