This is the one that makes Tuchel and Chelsea ‘obsessed’, not Conte

Few people anticipated how the Chelsea vs. Tottenham London Derby would end and the tension of this conflict has been partially reflected by two red cards given to the "captains" of both teams.

On August 15, yesterday night’s match between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge ended in a draw. The coaches of both teams also contribute to the stress, in addition to the players on the field. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the disagreement between Tuchel and Conte was all sparked by a single person.


According to reports, Anthony Taylor, the match’s chief referee, marked both goals scored by the Tottenham team. Before Hojbjerg tied the score for the Rooster, Chelsea believed that Bentacur of the Spurs had fouled Kai Havertz in the opening goal. Regarding the second goal, Tottenham’s Romero was fortunate to avoid getting sent off for a tackle on Cucurella.

Thomas Tuchel is unable to “sit still” as a result of these choices. The German manager told Sky Sports that he did not want Taylor to watch another Blues game: “He should avoid showing up with Chelsea. I won’t blame them if he doesn’t recognize the circumstances. However, VAR was created to help people, so they ought to choose wisely.”


Chelsea supporters also engaged in protest behavior in response to referee Taylor’s judgments. More precisely, it has been practiced by supporters for a long time since, in a few instances, this British referee “forced” their team in earlier games.

Reece James of the Blues was given a red card by Taylor in the English Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea in the 2022–2023 season for allowing the ball to touch the ground in the penalty area after having previously put his hands up near to people. Chelsea’s advantage was completely lost as a result, and they were forced to play “packed” for the remainder of the match.


Additionally, the fans were upset with Kovacic’s dismissal in the 2019–20 FA Cup final or the failure to call Harry Maguire’s foul in the match between Chelsea and MU in the 2019–20 Premier League’s 26th round. The Blues think Anthony Taylor has “forced” his team from the beginning.

The “primary figure” served as the official referee for the London Derby. Chelsea and Tottenham each earned four points after two games thanks to the two teams holding each other, and they started to pull away from Premier League opponent Man City.


Kalidou Koulibaly keeps putting up a strong performance. The former Napoli star scored the opening goal against Spurs after helping Chelsea maintain a clean sheet in the first game. This athlete is successfully demonstrating his defensive prowess. Marc Cucurella also had a decent day, to be honest. This player made a superb transition to the defense and provided Koulibaly with the assist for the goal.

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