Throw back to all the controversies we’ve been through with Kardashian Jenner family (End)

Kim’s Aaliyah Halloween Costume

People are easily offended by Halloween costumes, especially if you decide to dress up as someone else’s culture and call it a costume. Many people would prefer that their cultures not be used as costumes that can be put on and then taken off.

Kim infuriated fans when she dressed up as the late R&B Princess Aaliyah in 2017. Kim apologized and said, “We don’t see color in my home,” in response to criticism that she had darkened her skin for the costume.

Rob and Chyna’s Demise

The start of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship was sҺocking, and things only got crazier from there. Following the announcement of their engagement and Chyna’s pregnancy, the couple landed their own spin-off, Rob & Chyna.

However, the divisive couple never married and instead became embroiled in heated social media debates. Rob accused Chyna of cheating before posting explicit photos of her without her permission. As a result, Chyna obtained a restraining order against her daughter’s father.

Kendall’s 25th Birthday Party

Kendall decided to throw her own sҽcrҽtivҽ 25th birthday party just one week after Kim celebrated her 40th birthday on a private island. Importantly, the rest of the world was trapped indoors due to lockdowns and quarantining at the time.

Of course, the super-rich are not subject to the same rules as the rest of us. Kendall celebrated her 25th birthday with over 100 guests and a social media ban. People were seen partying without masks in lҽakҽd photos from the event.

Scott’s Money Shoving Madness

Scott Disick did not make a good first impression on KUWTK viewers. One of the worst and most controversial things the reality star has done while on the show is shove a $100 bill down the throat of a waiter in Las Vegas.

While it is now well known that Scott suffers from ɑddiction and mental health issues, his behavior at the time appeared to be that of a spoiled brɑt. Thankfully, Disick has matured considerably and is now an excellent father to his three children.

Kim’s Pregnancy Pills

With all of their spon con, it’s no surprise that the Kardashian-Jenners occasionally get in trouble for their promoted posts. Kim posted a photo of herself with a pack of DᎥclεgᎥs in 2015, claiming that the pills helped her with morning sickness.

What exactly is the problem, you ask? DᎥclεgᎥs, on the other hand, was not FDA approved at the time. As a result, Kim received a lot of flak, especially since the pills can also cause dizziness, digestive issues, and sleep disruption.

Khloé and Tristan Rekindle

Despite two instances of appalling cheating by Tristan, Khloé Kardashian appears to have taken the rat back. In an episode of KUWTK, the celeb freezes embryos created with Thompson after deciding she may want more children in the future.

Then, as the world went into lockdown, the couple was quarantined alongside their daughter. Then Khloe shared this photo with the caption, “I do appreciate the effort you put in and the new you — it’s like night and day who you are.”

KUWTK Is Ending

Despite all of the many controversies and scɑndɑls the Kardashian-Jenners have faced, perhaps the most sҺocking piece of news is that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is finally coming to an end. Why would they do this to us?

We were hoping for many more seasons of North, Penelope, Stormi, and True, but the family has decided to end it all and focus on their online businesses. We’ll have been following the Kardashians for 14 years by the time the show concludes.