Too bored at home, Steve Harvey and his wife took a private jet around the world for a month to relax

Steve Harvey and his wife took a private jet around the world for a month because they were bored at home

Celebrity comedian, actor, and TV personality Steve Harvey lives lavishly. Many are fascinated by his idea to live on a plane with his wife Marjorie. Their dissatisfaction with typical mansions and unconventional approach to life led them adopt this lifestyle. The Harveys live and travel aboard a beautiful private airplane. The Harveys love their distinctive lifestyle, even though it may seem costly.



The customized Boeing 747 is an avian palace. Its living spaces, which include a kitchen, living room, several bedrooms, and a walk-in closet for Marjorie’s huge wardrobe, rival even the most opulent penthouses. While soar above the sky, the opulent interior and state-of-the-art technologies provide all the comforts of a standard home. Their lifestyle is enhanced by Wolfgang Puck, who cooks in the fully functional kitchen of the aircraft.



Their desire for adventure and a constantly changing environment led them to live on an aircraft. Steve Harvey has always embraced the excitement and unpredictability of life because of his personality. The Harveys find that flying gives them the best escape from everyday life since it lets them see new locations whenever they want. They can wake up in Paris one day and unwind on a far-off beach the next since the world is at their doorstep.

The Harveys feel more protected and private living aboard an aircraft than they do in a normal house. They can travel to remote locations by plane to avoid the press and the general public. They can create enduring memories in serene settings and have private moments away from constant supervision in a mansion thanks to their distinctive way of life.

It’s critical to keep in mind that the Harveys’ decision to live on an aircraft demonstrates their wealth and privilege. Such an expensive and unusual lifestyle is out of reach for many people. Money can purchase special experiences, but it cannot take the place of friendship and love. The bond between Steve Harvey and his spouse Marjorie is more robust than their opulent aircraft. This serves as a reminder that genuine friendship and love transcend material wealth. The Harveys’ aviator lifestyle may demonstrate their affluence, but in an abundant world, their genuine bond makes them unique.