Top 1 weibo: BLACKPINK was ‘slapped in the face’ by Chinese netizens for Playing Guzheng in Hanbok

BLACKPINK teaser see "Playing Guzheng in Hanbok"! Little Pink was slapped in the face for humiliating Hua

Popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK will release the lead single “PINK VENOM” this Friday to warm up for their new album in September. In the official teaser video released earlier this week, the picture of the members wearing hanbok and playing the “guzheng” not only immediately attracted the attention of many fans, but also immediately aroused the sensitive nerves of Little Pink, “Stealing again.” “?


BLACKPINK will release the MV for the new song this Friday. (taken from blackpink IG)


BLACKPINK released the preview of the single MV this week. In addition to the traditional sundial, a woman wearing a hanbok can be seen playing a stringed instrument similar to a guzheng. Although the mysterious performer did not show his face, many fans recognized Jisoo, who should be one of the members, just by looking at his hands. And this less than 30-second trailer also attracted the attention of fans because of its combination of many traditional Korean elements; in fact, BLACKPINK wore an improved version of Hanbok to steal the spotlight in the “How You Like That” MV 2 years ago, and this time again The use of hot popularity to promote Korean culture has also won many positive reviews.


The giant clock that appears in the MV trailer is inspired by the traditional Korean cultural relic “Yangbu Sundial”. (taken from blackpink YouTube, twitter)


BLACKPINK has been attracting attention by wearing a modified hanbok in MVs in the past. (taken from blackpink twitter)

However, these traditional Korean elements are quite dazzling in the eyes of some Chinese netizens! At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics at the beginning of this year, China and South Korea had been arguing about a hanbok. The stringed instrument in this preview was even pointed out by many little pinks that it was a guzheng from China. Do you think it belongs to your own country again?”


BLACKPINK’s MV teaser shows “playing the zither”? (taken from blackpink YouTube)

However, in fact, what appeared in the notice is the traditional Korean musical instrument “Hyun Gum” (also known as Hyun He Gum), which has only 6 strings and is played with shrapnel. No matter its basic appearance or playing method, it is very different from the guzheng. same! Many fans even turned up the content of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s Weibo content against Xuanqin’s indiscriminate accusations that Xiaopin slapped Xiaopin in the face, saying “people who claim to be patriots can’t tell the difference between Xuanqin and guzheng”, “You will Knowing musical instruments better than Shanghai Conservatory of Music?”, “What about the guzheng?”, “I would say insulting China at every turn”, “Kimono and South Korea all originated from China, right?”


Netizens turned to the Weibo post of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and the content also introduced Xuanqin as “a representative plucked stringed musical instrument on the Korean peninsula”. (taken from Weibo)

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