Top 5 Kpop MVs With The Highest Views On YouTube: Surprised By Blackpink’s Position

Surpassing both BTS and BLACKPINK, a K-pop male singer owns an MV with more than 4.4 billion views on Youtube.

YouTube is currently the most popular video viewing platform in the world. Every hour that passes, YouTube has thousands of new videos, thousands of accounts created, hundreds of millions of views and other huge numbers.

Officially launched in 2005, YouTube has grown strongly over the past 16 years with many numbers and record achievements. Without exception, in the land of Kim Chi, where the music industry of idols thrives

1. Gangnam Style (PSY): 4.4 billion views

PSY’s Gangnam Style has created a global phenomenon. Although released in 2012, this MV still holds the record for the fastest MV to hit 1 billion views in Kpop with only 158 days. Up to now, after 10 years of release, this MV has more than 4.4 billion views. This is also the MV with the most views in Kpop.


2. DDU-DU DDU-DU (BLACKPINK): 1.9 billion views

On the evening of November 11, 2019 MV DDU-DU DDU-DU – BLACKPINK’s 2018 stormy hit officially hit the 1 billion views mark on YouTube after 514 days. This is also the MV that ranks 3rd in Kpop in terms of speed of reaching 1 billion views, up to now, after more than 4 years,  DDU-DU DDU-DU is ranked 2nd in the top MV chart with the highest views in Korea with more than 1.9 billion views.


3. Kill This Love (BLACKPINK): 1.6 billion views

MV Kill This Love  took 516 days to hit 1 billion views on YouTube. Especially, the fact that  Kill This Love  reached 1 billion views also marked many events of BLACKPINK helping the 4 YG girls become the second girl group in the world to have more than 1 MV with 1 billion views, after  Fifth Harmony. Up to now, after nearly 3 years, this MV has also collected more than 1.6 billion views


4. Boy With Luv (BTS): 1.5 billion views

At the time of its debut, BTS’ boys  Boy with Luv  broke a series of records previously created by other groups and achieved remarkable achievements on a variety of charts and YouTube platforms.

Released on April 12, 2019,  Boy with Luv  took 1 year, 6 months and 12 days (561 days) to reach the milestone of 1 billion views. Ranked 5th in the fastest Kpop MVs to reach 1 billion views of all time.


5. Dynamite (BTS): 1.5 billion views

BTS’s Dynamite MV was released on August 21, 2020, after 234 days the MV has surpassed 1 billion views. This is an excellent achievement that BTS’s future MVs are also difficult to overcome. Dynamite has officially taken the 2nd position in the Top 5 Kpop MVs with the fastest 1 billion views on YouTube platform.


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