Top 7 stars accused Taylor Swift of being rude and plastic personality

In the Hollywood entertainment world, Taylor Swift has many haters.

Demi Lovato

In the sexual abuse lawsuit between female singer Kesha and producer Dr.Luke a few months ago, many stars spoke out in support of Kesha.

However, among them, only Taylor Swift “played out” to spend up to 250,000 USD (more than 5.6 billion VND) to financially support the voice of “Tik Tok”.


Demi Lovato thinks Taylor’s act of “throwing money” is fake.

Surprisingly, at that time, Demi Lovato suddenly “denigrated” Taylor’s actions on Twitter, claiming that she was a fake.

“Not everyone has $250,000 to give to others. I’d love to but I didn’t grow up with a lot of money, and I didn’t make as much as her.

I just care about this more than anyone else, and would rather start a conversation about women who speak up about rape than throw money at someone.”


Remember at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor enthusiastically sang and danced to the performances of famous artists.

In the eyes of fans, this is a very lovely act of Taylor, but for Rihanna, who sits near Taylor thinks that Taylor is just “acting”.


A source in Us Weekly reported that Rihanna said, “Taylor is just acting. She’s not that cute.”

Edward Droste

The male singer of the group Grizzly Bear once told about a time he met a powerful star but very arrogant, rude but did not say who it was.


Edward Droste


The article about Taylor’s badness in Star magazine was reposted by Edward.

Just a few minutes later, Edward deleted the curious tweet. However, a few months later, the singer revealed that the mean celebrity he was talking about was Taylor Swift.

Edward even reposted a Star magazine article (which exposed Taylor’s ugly personality) and captioned it: “I can’t stop thinking people are starting to understand this”.

Kendall Jenner

Despite having many mutual friends, Kendall Jenner is not close to Taylor Swift. Even the young model thinks that Taylor Swift is fake and mean.


Kendall once disliked Taylor Swift.

In June 2015, answering OK! magazine, Kendall said that Taylor Swift is a mean girl. According to Kendall, Taylor is egotistical, likes to control others and deliberately creates arousal with many people.

The two have never had a conflict before, but problems arose in late 2013 when Kendall was dating Taylor’s ex – Harry Styles. Taylor claims that Kendall doesn’t respect her for being romantically involved with Harry when they broke up.

Katy Perry

Perhaps the most famous of the stars who don’t like Taylor Swift is Katy Perry.

Although they have never officially mentioned each other’s names, but through interviews and personal statements, it is not difficult for many people to realize the degree of “cracking” of the duo who were once close friends.


Katy Perry – who is “unlikely” with Taylor Swift.

Although Katy Perry was said to be “not nice” when dating Taylor’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer. However, the climax of the conflict came when Taylor fired 3 close dancers just because they agreed to perform Katy’s concert.

Before this incident, Katy thought that her old friend was a fake, just wanting to benefit herself.

When Taylor wrote “Bad Blood” to talk about Katy Perry, of course Katy did not sit idly by. She posted on her Twitter account alluding to Taylor Swift as the character Regina George in the once-popular Mean Girls movie. She wrote: “Watch out for Regina George in sheep’s clothing…”

Kanye West

You probably still remember the time rapper Kanye grabbed Taylor’s microphone when she accepted the award at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and shouted that Beyonce was the one who deserved it.


Taylor’s embarrassing moment on stage when Kanye snatched the mic while giving a speech.

Although Kanye West later apologized to Taylor and the two made up, it seems that Kim Kardashian’s husband is still not very sympathetic to the popular voice.

In February 2016, an audio recording was revealed on the shocking Pagesix site where Kanye West called Taylor Swift a “fake kid”.

Kanye uttered this while angry at his crew on Saturday Night Live.

In the recording, Kanye shouts: “Don’t play tricks on me!… 50% of me is more popular than any other artist”. Then, for some reason, Kanye vented his anger at Taylor Swift:  “This show and Taylor Swift are both fakes!!”.

Kim Kardashian

Most recently, while the breakup with Calvin Harris and dating Tom Hiddleston has not cooled down yet, Taylor Swift continues to be heated in the press when Kim Kardashian accuses her of lying.

It all arose from Kanye West’s kicking Taylor in the song “Famous” after the legendary mic grab incident: “I made that bitch famous”.

After being criticized by the public for his obscene lyric, the rapper claimed that it was Taylor’s crew who allowed him to sing like that. Although Taylor’s side protested and said that Kanye had never seen the lyrics of the song before its release.


The relationship between the Kim couple and Taylor is once again causing noise.

Until now, Kim confirmed to GQ magazine that what her husband said was completely true: “She completely accepted it. Taylor knew well that the song would be played”.

“But she wanted to pretend like she didn’t know anything. I swear, my husband was severely criticized when he was always trying to follow the rules, and even called her to get her approval. that song”.

“Everybody agrees with this. Even producer Rick Rubin was there. A lot of people with influence in the music industry heard that conversation and they knew it all,” Kim said.

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