TOP the transformations of BLACKPINK’s confusing comeback hairstyle

So far, every occasion of BLACKPINK's comeback has become a hot topic of discussion.

In particular, the girls’ new looks always make fans curious. Like other idols, BLACKPINK has a very good way to hide a new hairstyle, even fooling its fans.


Every occasion BLACKPINK’s comeback attracts attention in terms of visuals. (Photo: Pinterest)

After a long time, BLACKPINK also officially announced “discharge”, making fans extremely excited. Every “one move” of the 4 girls has become a topic of public interest. Recently, Rosé suddenly appeared at the VIP premiere of the movie The Hunt. Although she did not appear splendidly on the red carpet, the girl still attracted the attention of the people.


Rosé appeared at the movie premiere. (Photo: Twitter @blackpinkbabo)

In particular, fans quickly discovered that Rosé had changed her hairstyle. They suspect that the female idol chooses to dye her hair with the first half of her hair with blonde hair with a black back of the neck. Even many people speculate that Rosé has “strongly” styled the undercut. Currently, fans are still confused and looking forward to this new look of her.


Rosé’s new look became a hot topic of discussion. (Photo: Twitter @blackpinkbabo)


Fans think that she dyed her first half. (Photo: Facebook RoseGoldvn)

Lisa’s solo debut was also shocking. At that time, a fan met the female idol at a hairdresser. The fan said that the maknae  BLACKPINK chose the wolf cut style and dyed it smoky gray. Although the information is not confirmed, it is enough to make fans eagerly wait. Netizens also edited Lisa’s new hairstyle. However, this is just a “trick” because Lisa debuted with a different hairstyle.


Hairstyle editing fans Lisa in the pose is going viral. (Photo: RGM97_)


Lisa’s real hairstyle during her solo promotions. (Photo: Kpopping)

In addition, when the blurry photocards were teased by YG, people were also excited because Lisa’s “10 billion won bangs” had disappeared. As expected, Lisa really changed unusual bangs.


The female idol really did a daring thing when she lifted her “10 billion won bangs”. (Photo: YG Entertainment)

On the occasion of “release the chain”   Kill This Love, BLACKPINK also made fans “stop”. Accordingly, Jennie’s teaser image caused a fever with platinum hair, which she did not dare to do before. However, after many days of longing, Jennie in the MV wore dark brown hair. Worth mentioning, Lisa is the owner of platinum blonde hair.


Jennie’s image makes people stir up even if it’s just a wig. (Photo: YG Entertainment)


Lisa and Jennie swapped hair colors. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


Despite having dark brown hair, Jennie still has a  shimmering appearance. (Photo: SBS)

Every comeback, BLACKPINK makes a strong impression on visuals. The girls are always cared for, creatively and properly invested by YG. Currently, fans are extremely nervous, waiting for BLACKPINK’s upcoming epic comeback.

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